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Top Trends: NHL and Soccer Start 2018 Strong

The NHL regular season has just crossed mid-season mark, and Accuscore's betting results have continued steadily returning profits when betting on game winners via money line and Side value bets. When betting every single game for 100 dollars, you would have pocketed over 1700 from side value bets and just about the same amount from money line bets since start of the 2017-18 season.

LA Kings and the Columbus Blue Jackets home games have been the most profitable ones when finding side value. Both have recorder over 800 profit out of 22 and 23 games respectively. In money line betting best teams have been the Winnipeg Jets home games and St. Louis Blues on the road. By betting all these games you have ended up over 2000 profit since start of the season.

One team that has been profitable cross all betting markets: Side value, money line and totals, is the Buffalo Sabres. Accuscore projected that the Sabres have inflated value in the betting lines this year, and that has been the case thus far this season.

If you are interested in ice hockey as a key betting sport, you must take a closer look at Finnish ice hockey league, too - Liiga. Since start of the season, betting totals have been one of the most profitable market across all sports and leagues. By betting 100 dollars to every 500+ games, you have collected over 8200 profit from these bets. And as there are only maximum 8 games per day, you don’t need break your bank to start winning.

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Hot Soccer Trends
Some of the soccer leagues took a break during the holidays, but there were still plenty of good games to bet. Since the start of the major soccer leagues in August, Accuscore predictions have brought more than generous return for our subscribers. By betting standard 100 dollars for every side value bet over 20% and every single totals bet from the Premier League, Championship, LaLiga, SerieA, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Liga MX, MLS + UK League 1 and 2 (From November onward), you would have collected hefty profit of 24,800 dollars!

If you think that you would need tens of thousands bankroll to execute this, that is not needed. Actually due to steady upward results and games split into multiple days, you could start profitable soccer betting with few thousand and watch the wallet bulk up.

When looking at league level, LaLiga and SerieA have generated over 6000 profit each by totals and 20%+ side value bets. EPL has performed better when betting each and every side value bet. That has resulted so far profit of +5280. Since our last Trends update a couple weeks ago, all these leagues have generated profit. EPL over 200, but SerieA and LaLiga around 800 each.

It is interesting to see that betting totals in all leagues have been profitable week after week. There is only one two week period when this market was not on profit since start of the 2016-2017 season. During this season it has been profitable between every period we have monitored it.

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Betting totals looks like good way of making steady money in some ice hockey leagues, soccer, NBA as well as NFL, where Accuscore predictions have brought 1680 dollars profit with one hundred dollars bets in every game during this season

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