• NHL, Premier League & La Liga Picks HIGHLY Profitable Entering 2018

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    Top Trends: NHL and Soccer Sliding into 2018

    As the NFL regular season is winding down, Accuscore is posting another profitable season. Before Week 17 games kickoff, TOTALS bets are +1900 profit when betting 100 for every game. Point Spread has also been profitable this season as our predictions have brought 360 good into your pocket. Next, Week 17 and, more importantly, the playoffs come around to incorporate a full season of player and team data, trends and statistics.

    This week, we will concentrate on highly profitable NHL and soccer trends.

    After some rule changes to the sport, the NHL simulations weren’t performing up to standard. So, we overhauled the algorithm and brought in more hockey experts obsessed with the sport. These guys spend watching hockey than talking to their families, which seems like a problem for them, but we’ll gladly reap the rewards. So far, the updates have worked.

    Last season, AccuScore’s NHL picks provided over +2,000 profit for every bettor who wagered the standard 100 units for all of our NHL picks. Already, this season has matched the results of a season ago.

    So far, all side value bets have generated a profit of over 700 since the start of the NHL season. Over that same time, all money line bets when you are betting just the winner based on our favorite predictions have also been over 600 on profit. Admittedly, Totals haven’t been so good so far, but we’re expecting a quick turn around and positive returns for the remainder of the season.

    Side Value NHL Team Trends
    -The Los Angeles Kings in Staples Center: +600 profit in 18 games.
    -Washington Capitals on the road: +671 profit

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    Premier League Betting Trends

    Soccer Continues to Pay Off...BIG

    During the last few years, Accuscore has expanded its soccer coverage to cover over 10 leagues round the world. Currently, we cover the top 5 leagues in the United Kingdom, another 5 leagues in continental Europe + MLS & Liga MX in North-America. Since August 2014, soccer predictions have resulted in a steady stream of profit. By the end of the last season in June 2017, the total profit from side value and totals bets from all of AccuScore soccer picks is 78,000 units!

    This season has continued these astounding returns. Our customers that have followed our predictions from all leagues, have pocketed over +22,600 pure profit since start of this European season, including all MLS and Liga MX games from the beginning of August. This is the best performing sport year after year, since we expanded and fine-tuned our soccer simulations.

    During the current season, the best performing leagues have been the Premier League and Spain’s La Liga with roughly +5,000 profit in side value and totals bets. When reviewing the last few months, La Liga picks have put +2,500 profit in your pocket with 100 units wagered for all side value and totals picks.

    One interesting change when comparing the results from last year is that instead of betting every side value game that we have done in the past, the better results have been achieved by betting only games with over 20% side value. This has increased profit especially in Serie A, La Liga and League Two in UK. Overall by betting all games with 20% side value and all totals games, the bottom line is over +26,800 profit! Our annual membership of $349 is paid back about 70 times so far only by betting soccer games!

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  • Premier League Expert Analysis: Arsenal vs Manchester City

    Arsenal - Manchester City

    Thursday evening offers football fanatics a massive fixture in the Premier League with Arsenal hosting league leading Manchester City. Still going strong (pun intended) with Arsene Wenger at helm, Arsenal is sixth in the EPL, chasing the top-4 by 10 points and a game in hand. Manchester City on top has taken a 13-point lead over their rivals United, with also this game in hand.

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    Arsenal has once again been the letdown of the season, as they’ve not managed to put up a serious challenge against the top teams. In addition, they’ve recently lost to Swansea and Bournemouth, while drawing with the likes of WBA and West Ham. Safe to say, “Wenger Out” movement has never been stronger – despite the acquisitions of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Henrikh Mkhitaryan in exchange for Alexis Sanchez.

    Arsenal has won 13 and lost eight games, while drawing six. At home they’ve been a bit better, 3rd in Premier League actually. They’ve only lost once in Emirates, winning 10 of 13 and gathering 32 points. The Gunners have scored on average 2.77 goals at home, quite a contrast to abysmal record of 1.07 on the road. Defensively they’ve been solid at home as well, allowing only 1.08 goals.

    Manchester City has done what was expected of them and Pep Guardiola has built a team that plays to its strengths. Which seems to be everything on the pitch. City has lost one game in the EPL all season, when Liverpool managed a 4-3 victory at Anfield midway through January.

    Otherwise City’s spotless record is ruined by road draws with Burnley and Crystal Palace, but with 23 wins in 27 games they’re sitting far ahead on the top of the league. City is also a great away team, leading the league with 10-2-1 record on the road. They’ve scored 2.23 goals on average and allowed only 0.77 on their road games. The approach has been way more defensive on the road: at home City has scored 3.57 while allowing the similar 0.71 goals per game.

    The teams met only a couple of days ago in Carabao Cup final on Wembley. Manchester City took the spoils with a confident performance 0-3 and left plenty of Arsenal fans fuming. City only shot three times on goal and scored three goals, yet none can be blamed on the Arsenal keeper. City completely outplayed Arsenal and it remains to be seen if the tables have turned come Thursday evening.

    Both teams have a congested schedule ahead, as they’re playing another EPL game on Sunday and then in continental competition midweek: City hosts Basel after 0-4 victory in UCL on Wednesday and Arsenal travels to Milan for 1st leg of European League 2nd knockout stage for Thursday. However, it’s unlikely we see any unnecessary rotation in a top tier matchup like this.

    Accuscore’s Premier League Side Value picks have made fantastic profits once again this season, going 150-306 with a profit of +7382, with 100 unit even stakes!You can find all the football betting record archives and trends HERE

    Accuscore Simulations

    Manchester City comes out as clear favorites for their visit at the Emirates. In simulations, City wins with 63.9% probability, cementing their lead in the EPL. The game ends in a draw with 20.6% probability, while Arsenal is given only 15.6% chance to take all the three points at home. The value still lies with Manchester City, but the lines are moving fast so be quick to catch over 7% side value for the visitors!

    We are likely to see some attacking football as Manchester City is likely to go for the jugular after gaining the upper hand in the previous game. In simulations the visitors score 2.59 goals on average and the home team Arsenal is likely to score as well, averaging 1.27 per simulations. Total is likely to go as high as 3.86 – despite both team’s impressive defensive records.

    The most likely players to score a goal are the big guns up front, Sergio Agüero for City and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang for Arsenal. Agüero scores with a 59% likelihood while Aubameyang finds the net with 40% chance. City’s support is strong with Raheem Sterling (36.76%), Leroy Sane (25.74%) and Kevin De Bruyne (24.62%). Arsenal somewhat lacks in that department, with only Aaron Ramsey closing in on 20% with 17.72 percent probability to score.

    Expert Picks

    As the noose tightens around Arsenal’s neck, City are playing with no real pressure and took the minor domestic cup with ease just a couple of days ago ahead of their hosts. No matter how you look at this game, City is the most likely winner here. Check the best odds to play from oddsportal.com or similar!

    • Manchester City to win, 63.9 % - take the home win with odds of 1.57 | -177 or better
    • Over 3.0 goals, 54% - take over 3.0 goals with odds of 1.86 | -116
    • Agüero to score.59% - odds of 1.70 | -143
    • Aubameyang to score,40% - odds of 2.5 | +150

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  • Top Betting Trends: NHL & Soccer

    Written by AccuScore Staff
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    Top Trends: NHL and Soccer Start 2018 Strong

    The NHL regular season has just crossed mid-season mark, and Accuscore's betting results have continued steadily returning profits when betting on game winners via money line and Side value bets. When betting every single game for 100 dollars, you would have pocketed over 1700 from side value bets and just about the same amount from money line bets since start of the 2017-18 season.

    LA Kings and the Columbus Blue Jackets home games have been the most profitable ones when finding side value. Both have recorder over 800 profit out of 22 and 23 games respectively. In money line betting best teams have been the Winnipeg Jets home games and St. Louis Blues on the road. By betting all these games you have ended up over 2000 profit since start of the season.

    One team that has been profitable cross all betting markets: Side value, money line and totals, is the Buffalo Sabres. Accuscore projected that the Sabres have inflated value in the betting lines this year, and that has been the case thus far this season.

    If you are interested in ice hockey as a key betting sport, you must take a closer look at Finnish ice hockey league, too - Liiga. Since start of the season, betting totals have been one of the most profitable market across all sports and leagues. By betting 100 dollars to every 500+ games, you have collected over 8200 profit from these bets. And as there are only maximum 8 games per day, you don’t need break your bank to start winning.

    All of today's NHL picks: NHL picks
    All of today's Liiga Picks:LIIGA picks

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    Hot Soccer Trends
    Some of the soccer leagues took a break during the holidays, but there were still plenty of good games to bet. Since the start of the major soccer leagues in August, Accuscore predictions have brought more than generous return for our subscribers. By betting standard 100 dollars for every side value bet over 20% and every single totals bet from the Premier League, Championship, LaLiga, SerieA, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Liga MX, MLS + UK League 1 and 2 (From November onward), you would have collected hefty profit of 24,800 dollars!

    If you think that you would need tens of thousands bankroll to execute this, that is not needed. Actually due to steady upward results and games split into multiple days, you could start profitable soccer betting with few thousand and watch the wallet bulk up.

    When looking at league level, LaLiga and SerieA have generated over 6000 profit each by totals and 20%+ side value bets. EPL has performed better when betting each and every side value bet. That has resulted so far profit of +5280. Since our last Trends update a couple weeks ago, all these leagues have generated profit. EPL over 200, but SerieA and LaLiga around 800 each.

    It is interesting to see that betting totals in all leagues have been profitable week after week. There is only one two week period when this market was not on profit since start of the 2016-2017 season. During this season it has been profitable between every period we have monitored it.

    All EPL picks: Premier League Picks
    Spain's Top Picks: La Liga Picks
    Italy's Top picks: Serie A Picks
    Germany's Top picks: Bundesliga Picks

    Betting totals looks like good way of making steady money in some ice hockey leagues, soccer, NBA as well as NFL, where Accuscore predictions have brought 1680 dollars profit with one hundred dollars bets in every game during this season