• Accuscore's MLB 2020 Championship Series Predictions

    Four teams remain in the MLB’s expanded playoffs 2020 and the no.1 seeds from both leagues are still going strong. The Yankees put up an admirable fight against the Tampa Bay Rays, but the American League regular season winners held their ground and took a late 2-1 victory in the deciding game 5 of the divisional series. While being touted as one of the best pitching squads in the league, before the decider it was the Rays hitters coming in strong and outscoring the Yankees heavies in high-scoring fixtures. Pitchers then got the job done in game 5.

    The lowest seeded team in the American League, Houston Astros sent Oakland Athletics packing, despite entering the playoffs with a losing record. Astros hitters found their form at the eleventh hour and blasted 33 runs against the A’s struggling pitchers allowing 3-1 win in the series. Astros pitching squad didn’t always impress, but with the firepower available, they seem capable of outscoring their opponents.

    The National League was much more predictable and both favorites, Dodgers and Braves blew through without much trouble, sweeping their respective opponents Padres and Marlins in three. The top of the line pitchers were impeccable through the series and solid hitting provided all-around overwhelming displays against the much weaker opponents. But now the top teams face each other and it will be a whole new ballgame.

    Accuscore's MLB 2020 Playoffs Predictions for Championship Series

    Accuscore’s Picks and Predictions

    The Dodgers are still favorites to go all the way, but the Braves are putting up a remarkable challenge. We raised Braves as one of the dark horses (odds of +1700) in the World Series race before the season and they still have a chance. In the simulations, Dodgers take the series with 60% probability, with 4-2 being the most likely result with 20% probability. There is a tiny ounce of value in picking the Braves to surprise the Dodgers, with odds of +184 | 2.84 available – the value is less than 5% but there it is and at least to start with, the sharp money is supporting Braves as well . Another value bet could be made for Dodgers winning the series in seven games, with odds of +500 | 6.00 available, but the value is less than 2% here.

    In the American League, it all seems very even throughout the simulations results. Rays are the favorites but only with a two-percent margin. We are likely to see six or more games with over 60% probability and it is going to be a thrilling series. The oddsmakers indicate Rays a clear favorite, so there’s a good opportunity to play against the house - like plenty of public bets seem to be - and take the Astros to end up in the World Series with odds of +140 | 2.40 available and some 6% of value to be gained compared to simulations and 48% probability to progress.For those loving the long shots, there’s some value in taking the Astros in five or six games, with odds of +800 | 9.00 and +750 | 8.50 – value is around 2-3% here.

    With the Championship Series being as close as it is, there’s not much value in picking the World Series winners as of yet – or rather, anymore. Dodgers and Rays are the clear favorites and if we’d have to pick, we would still go with the Dodgers. Their probability to win is around 37% and the odds indicate closer to 40%, so there is no value to be had at the moment. Besides, we already took that value at +335 earlier on!

  • Accuscore's MLB 2020 Playoffs Predictions - Wild Card and Divisional Round

    The condensed MLB 2020 regular season has come to an end, with 60 games played per team (or most of the teams) and more than half the clubs entering the post season. Eight teams from both leagues will participate in the historical MLB 2020 Playoffs, taking place in various grounds all over the States. First round, also known as wild card round, is played the best out of three, while the divisional round is best out of five. The remaining two rounds, the league championship and then the World Series are still best out of seven - so there is plenty of baseball to be played and the winner should be clear by the end of October.

    The schedule for the regular season was tight, with some 47 games postponed and most of them then played as 7-inning doubleheaders. The fixture list remains packed, as there’s no rest for the teams between the games of the series, as would usually be the case. The first round will be played entirely in the home ground of the higher seeded team, so there’s some home advantage – if there ever was one. For the rest of the playoffs the MLB will enter the infamous bubble and the games will be played in seven separate locations.

    While the new playoff-format might allow lower seeded teams a tad higher chance to overcome the odds, there are still clear favorites based on the performance in the regular season. But as is usual, Accuscore’s simulations have predicted some surprising results heading into the MLB 2020 Postseason, most likely against the public opinion.

    Accuscore’s American League 2020 Playoffs Predictions

    Here are the simulated, most probable results in the American League Wild Card and ALDS rounds.

    Accuscore's MLB 2020 Playoffs Predictions Wild Card Divisional Round

    The series in the AL are fairly evenly matched, which was to be expected. New York Yankees seemed dominant at times during the regular season, but had a torrid final chapter which pushed them down to sixth seed. In simulations, those hard times are over and the Yankees overcome Cleveland, who did enjoy a good final run, winning eight of their last 10 games. In a short series, the Yankees have enough firepower to take the win, but Cleveland will not go down easy.

    With the favorites Tampa Bay and Minnesota holding the fort, if only narrowly, it comes down to Chicago White Sox to provide another shock in the AL Wild Card round of 2020. While Oakland might not be amongst the favorites to win the World Series, they had a remarkably good season and climbed all the way to third in the AL – but White Sox were only one win behind. It will be an intriguing matchup and no surprise if it takes all three games to settle the score.

    In the divisional round, Yankees are still favored by a hair over the Rays, but it is as close as it’ll get. It might come down to the depth in the pitching department, especially if the series go long. Not much rest for those heavy arms, so the relievers and spotters need to be at their best at all times. The same goes in the other ALDS game between the Twins and White Sox: we are most likely to see a 5-game-series of all-even-fixtures. Keep an eye out on the pro gambler's MLB picks to find the best values throughout the playoffs.

    Accuscore’s National League 2020 Playoffs Predictions

    Here’s how the simulations predict the National League Wild Card and NLDS rounds.

    Accuscore's MLB 2020 Playoffs Predictions NL Wild Card Divisional Round

    If in the AL it was all even-steven, in the NL it goes the other way: the only even remotely close matchup is played between the Cubs and the Marlins, who were hugely underrated before the season. Cubs are favored in that matchup as well, so it seems all the top seeds are likely to progress to the next round. The Dodgers are by far the most impressive team in the simulations so far and give Brewers no chance in the Wild Card round, but also demolish San Diego Padres in the NLDS series. It bodes well to remember, though, that a lot can happen between here and the next round and even the Dodgers are vulnerable to injuries or lack of form from certain key players (yes, we are staring at you Clayton Kershaw). That being said, there’s not much that can go wrong for the Dodgers and they are the number one horse going forward.

    Atlanta Braves was picked by Accuscore as one of the dark horses early on the season and they have delivered. Overcoming the Reds should not prove too problematic and the Cubs seem to pose no threat either. Cubs should be able to beat Miami rather easily, but Marlins have stood their ground after being undermined by everyone. Look for some statements coming from Florida. The Padres were impressive during the regular season and might hop into the shoes of the Dodgers if they fall from grace once again. Cardinals, on the other hand were not exactly impressive after barely managing a winning record – and playing two games less than any other playoff-team.

    Have a look at Accuscore’s World Series 2020 Predictions here!

  • Accuscore's MLB 2020 World Series Predictions

    It might be way too early to make any very detailed predictions for the World Series, the supercomputer can give us a good clue where to look at when placing our pre-playoffs bets for the MLB postseason. Accuscore's predictions for the Wild Card and Divisional Round proved a couple of suprises, but the further we go, the more likely the favorites are to conquer. In Accuscore’s simulations, two teams have been overwhelmingly powerful throughout the season: New York Yankees in the American League and Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League.

    These two teams have also provided plenty of profits, as Dodgers were +555 in Accuscore’s Side Value selections and New York Yankees took the paycheck home in Moneyline selections, with hefty profits of +1675. The sharp money

    After simulating the MLB 2020 Playoffs for several thousand times, the supercomputer’s predictions are here for you to see. As expected, Yankees and Dodgers are to go head-to-head in the World Series 2020, after sustaining the challenge from Minnesota Twins, Atlanta Braves, Tampa Bay Rays and San Diego Padres. Dodgers are a narrow favorite to win the World Series, but it is worth to keep an eye out on the developments around the league. A good idea is to find out where the public money flows and then act accordingly - either go with the flow or against. The season has already been extraordinary and might turn even stranger – and even more profitable.

    Here’s how the final rounds of the playoffs are most likely to go, according to Accuscore’s simulations.

    Accuscore's MLB 2020 World Series Predictions

    Accuscore’s World Series Picks

    More often than not the outright odds for the MLB World Series are not worthwhile, unless shooting for a long underdog – such as Washington Nationals last season. This season makes no exceptions in general, but attacking with Dodgers might be worth a try. In Accuscore simulations, at the moment, before a single playoff-game is played, Dodgers’ probability to win the WS hover around 23%, which is more than 10% above any other team. So if you can find odds of +335 | 4.35 anywhere, there’s some value to take the clear favorites this time around.

    Other notable choices include Atlanta Braves and Minnesota Twins, both of whom are one big obstacle distanced from the World Series, but if either of these make it that far, why not all the way? Attractive odds of around +1300 | 14.00 are available, while Accuscore’s simulations indicate odds of +1000 to +1200 to be closer to truth, Atlanta having around 9% probability to win and Minnesota approachin 8%. Both are, obviously, longshots but the return is plentiful even with a smaller stake. And more exciting than going with the huge favorite.

  • MLB 2023 Playoffs: Rangers still favored by simulations

    The MLB playoffs for the 2023 season have already provided quite a bit of surprising results, with plenty of underdogs sending the favorites packing early on. The regular season league leaders Baltimore Orioles of American League and Atlanta Braves of the National League, both with over 100 regular season wins, were ousted by the fierce dogs, the fifth seeded Texas Rangers and fourth seeded Philadelphia Phillies respectively. In addition, behemoths Los Angeles Dodgers, who claimed the second seed in the National League regular season fell to the sixth seed Arizona Diamondbacks – and it was not even close, as the D’backs swept the divisional round series 3-0 as did the Rangers against Baltimore Orioles.

    The conference series of MLB playoffs sees the American League regular season second seeded Houston Astros hosting the best-of-seven battle against Texas Rangers and in the National League it is those hungry dogs facing each other in the dog-eat-dog contest between Philadelphia Phillies and the Arizona Diamondbacks. As mentioned before, Diamondbacks took everyone by surprise by sending Dodgers to an early holiday from the MLB playoffs by a clean sweep and the Phillies took down 2021 World Series winners Atlanta Braves 3-1. Reigning World Series champions Astros conquered Minnesota Twins in the divisional round with impressive 3-1 series victory, while Texas swept the shooting star of the season, Baltimore Orioles. Who would have thought, you might ask.

    Well, Accuscore’s MLB playoffs predictions did. Texas Rangers were heavily favored by the simulations as an odds-underdog against the Orioles, with odds of -105 to win the series and odds of +600 to complete the sweep in three games. Accuscore’s simulations had Rangers 65.9% favorites to win the series with 20.5% probability to win it in three straight set. Hefty profits from this head-to-head covered some losses in the NL, with both Atlanta and the Dodgers picked to win their respective series in the MLB playoffs. Furthermore, the MLB playoffs predictions indicated Texas Rangers as a value pick for World Series as well, with odds of +700 at the time, currently those odds are slashed to +185 at Draftkings Sportsbook

    The MLB playoffs Conference series are on their way and the Rangers have already proven not to be a fluke: they went to Houston and shutout the heavy hitting home team 2-0. Starting pitcher Jordan Montgomery led the way with six strikeouts and five allowed hits during his six innings and left a nice depleted field for the relievers Josh Sborz, Aroldis Chapman and José Leclerc. Jonah Heim’s single towards Mauricio Dubon was enough to allow Evan Carter to reach the home base on the top of 2nd inning and the insurance score came by the bat of Leody Taveras, who homered to an empty field to make it 2-0 on the top of the 5th inning.

    Houston’s at bats were continuously left guessing by Montgomery and despite recording five hits, six runners were left on base. The pitching for the home team was exquisite despite the loss and veteran Justin Verlander stroke out five batters with an ERA of 1.42 – but it was not enough to secure the victory over the impeccable Rangers.

    The second game of the series is played on October 16th with Nathan Eovaldi stepping up on the mound for the Rangers and Framber Valdez getting the nod for the Astros. The odds are currently standing at +106 for the Rangers and -124 for the Astros at the Fanduel Sportsbook.

    Accuscore MLB playoffs predictions indicate a coin flip of a match, with Astros being the moneyline favorites with 51.3% while the side value pick is marginally on the Rangers side with 48.7% and odds of +106 (48.5%).

    To gain access to all the MLB playoffs predictions and much, much more, sign up for a FREE 7-day trial with Accuscore or if you are based in the USA, join the BetQL community for more insights, offers and sports predictions.

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