It might be way too early to make any very detailed predictions for the World Series, the supercomputer can give us a good clue where to look at when placing our pre-playoffs bets for the MLB postseason. Accuscore's predictions for the Wild Card and Divisional Round proved a couple of suprises, but the further we go, the more likely the favorites are to conquer. In Accuscore’s simulations, two teams have been overwhelmingly powerful throughout the season: New York Yankees in the American League and Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League.

These two teams have also provided plenty of profits, as Dodgers were +555 in Accuscore’s Side Value selections and New York Yankees took the paycheck home in Moneyline selections, with hefty profits of +1675. The sharp money

After simulating the MLB 2020 Playoffs for several thousand times, the supercomputer’s predictions are here for you to see. As expected, Yankees and Dodgers are to go head-to-head in the World Series 2020, after sustaining the challenge from Minnesota Twins, Atlanta Braves, Tampa Bay Rays and San Diego Padres. Dodgers are a narrow favorite to win the World Series, but it is worth to keep an eye out on the developments around the league. A good idea is to find out where the public money flows and then act accordingly - either go with the flow or against. The season has already been extraordinary and might turn even stranger – and even more profitable.

Here’s how the final rounds of the playoffs are most likely to go, according to Accuscore’s simulations.

Accuscore's MLB 2020 World Series Predictions

Accuscore’s World Series Picks

More often than not the outright odds for the MLB World Series are not worthwhile, unless shooting for a long underdog – such as Washington Nationals last season. This season makes no exceptions in general, but attacking with Dodgers might be worth a try. In Accuscore simulations, at the moment, before a single playoff-game is played, Dodgers’ probability to win the WS hover around 23%, which is more than 10% above any other team. So if you can find odds of +335 | 4.35 anywhere, there’s some value to take the clear favorites this time around.

Other notable choices include Atlanta Braves and Minnesota Twins, both of whom are one big obstacle distanced from the World Series, but if either of these make it that far, why not all the way? Attractive odds of around +1300 | 14.00 are available, while Accuscore’s simulations indicate odds of +1000 to +1200 to be closer to truth, Atlanta having around 9% probability to win and Minnesota approachin 8%. Both are, obviously, longshots but the return is plentiful even with a smaller stake. And more exciting than going with the huge favorite.

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