If there is one tournament where your team can earn a legendary status and beat some of the best clubs in the world, it is the Champions League. Each year, this tournament is filled with many surprises and has matches which will be remembered for many years to come. The Istanbul final between Milan and Liverpool, Barca’s comeback against PSG, the three consecutive championship years for Real Madrid are just a few of the legendary things to mention on this topic.

Millions of people love watching these games. Not only that, but they are also very fond of wagering their opinion by placing bets on the matches. It is a well-known fact that football and betting have always gone sided by side. Each week, the fans are more than willing to place a bet or two to see whether they can predict the outcomes of the matches.

In the past couple of years, online betting has become extremely popular as it provides the betting fans with tons of great features and exclusive offers. Not only that, but these sites have very easy access and people can place bets in a matter of seconds, thus making them both efficient and effective in what they do. You can try them here if you want to experience a new and revolutionizing way of betting.

As the season unfolds, we are mid-way through the Champions League and it is still hard to determine which team has the biggest chances to become champions. We decided to weigh in on the debate by naming our top 3 picks.


Each year, PSG are considered to be among the biggest favourites to win the CL, but somehow, they always fail to meet the expectations. The one thing that changes this year is experience. The team is aware of the fact that they need full focus if they are to win the trophy, which is something that we do not doubt that they will produce. Although they have a hard opponent to beat – Barcelona, we believe that they will live up to the expectations.

Bayern Munich

Next up, we have last year’s winners. Bayern became the first team in history to win the Champions League without suffering any defeats. It goes without saying that this is one of the most superior teams on the roster and considering that they’ve had a killer form in the past period, there’s no denying that the chances of them winning their second consecutive title are high.

Manchester City

Finally, we have Pep’s biggest dream ever since he left Barcelona. For years, he’s been trying to lift the CL trophy, but always failed. One thing that changed this year is while many of the world's top teams are struggling in form, Manchester City seems to be winning matches effortlessly. Recently, they broke the English record by becoming the first team to win 15 consecutive games in all competitions. That is a crazy stat and judging from their form, they are the biggest favourites to win the CL.

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