Remember NFL season 2019? There were plenty of surprises and plenty of let-downs, with Patriots crashing out of playoffs early and Cowboys, Rams nor Chargers even making it to the post season. Predicting those unpredictable is extremely hard, but Accuscore still managed to make the best of it, as is depicted in the NFL Pickwatch article. But which team was the most reliant one and should we expect the same trend next season? And on the other hand, which team caused the biggest losses and was indeed the most unpredictable, at least for Accuscore’s algorithms.

Accuscore is making NFL picks for each and every game – among others – and the results can be tracked more than 10 years in the past. Let’s have a look at last season’s selections.

Point Spread Cash Cows

There were two teams standing out in predicting the NFL point spread: Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs. Accuscore predicted the point spread correct 13 times in Rams’ 16 games and 14 times in Chiefs 19 games, making the percentages 81% and 74% and profits of +970 and +810.

On the other end of the spectrum were Green Bay Packers and Jacksonville Jaguars. Green Bay was a serious buzzkill all of the last season and from their 18 games Accuscore only got 4 correct with one push, resulting in -1030 deficit. Jaguars was not that much better, with a result of -710 and 5-11 record in Accuscore’s Point Spread predictions.

Notably, only nine teams returned a negative profits from the point spread, the total adding up to +3710.

Over/Under Heroes and Zeroes

The NFL over under lines seem to have been much closer to truth in Vegas bookmakers’ papers. There was still a couple of very profitable teams, headlined by Seattle Seahawks with 13-5 record and +750 profit and 72% hit-rate. In the other end, Chicago Bears totaled a lousy -1020 and a record of 3-12-1. The rest of the teams were rather closely packed in between and it will be intriguing to see how the new season will play out regarding the totals and the lines set by the bookmakers.

Game Winners

Not taking the odds into consideration is not the best measurement or advice when it comes to betting, but the bragging rights can be achieved by knowing that of course Tennessee will beat the Patriots. Accuscore was astonishingly accurate in the match winner prediction, getting 67% correct from all the games, with a record of 179-88. There was some fluctuation here as well: Cincinnati Bengals, Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins games resulted in over 80% of correct winners predicted by Accuscore, while Los Angeles Chargers and Tennessee Titans crashed well under 50%.

Overall these money line picks would’ve returned a profit of +3095 with an even 100 stake.

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