We are so excited for the NBA return that we can’t even hold back previewing some of our favorite games for day number 2. We hope your Day 1 DFS lineups and bets were successful, but if they weren’t don’t worry, we have a ton more games to win, and an NBA lineup optimizer if you need an extra hand. Day 2 starts the first wild day of the NBA restart where we have six games to watch, so tons of opportunity to win. Below we are going to take a deeper look at what we are most excited for, for day 2 in the NBA bubble


Suns vs. Wizards 

We find it hard to believe many people other than gamblers and daily fantasy players will be tuning into this game, but for the people watching they have this game circled. The Suns have everything to play for and the Wizards seem like they regret even being invited to the bubble. Teams like the Suns have never gotten an opportunity like this before, a chance to be able to play their way into the NBA playoffs. Now they will need a lot of luck to get there, but they certainly have the talent to do it. Devin Booker is going to have all eyes on him on this game and his team’s success is fully on his shoulders here. If his shot is falling the Suns can be a difficult team to beat.

The Wizards on the other hand are a complete joke. Their two best players have opted to sit out and they are being lead by a rookie. These games were made for hardcore DFS and bettor so if you want to see a real analysis on this match up check out BetQL’s Suns vs. Wizards prediction and you can find out which team you should be betting here.


Rockets vs. Mavericks

The early battle for Texas inside the bubble between the Rockets and Mavs should be a great game! The Rockets were the talk of the NBA before the season shut down and the Mavs are hanging on by a thread to make it into the playoffs. We feel bad the Mavs have to open up the restart against the Rockets who are able to put up nearly 140 points any game they want. The Rockets debuted their non-center lineup for a few games before COVID and it surprisingly worked well for them. The big question for this game will be who on the Rockets can even come close to guarding Boban? Most traditional centers in the NBA have issues covering Boban and now the Rockets who don’t have anyone over 7 feet tall will need to figure it out. This is a game we can’t wait to watch.

If you are looking for a real in depth prediction check out BetQL’s Rockets Mavericks prediction to see which way their model is picking, and which side the pros are betting.

Celtics vs. Bucks

This game could easily be an eastern conference finals game but we are lucky enough to get this for day 2 of the bubble. The Bucks are trying their best to hang on to Giannis’ coat tails and live up to expectations, while the Celtics are sneaky putting together a very solid season. This should be a close and great game we are really looking forward to. The big question here is how in the world do you stop Giannis? The Celtics hope they have an answer and if you are looking for more answers on this one take a look at this Celtics Bucks prediction from our partners at BetQL.

Nets vs Magic

Here is another gambler’s delight as the team formerly known as the Brooklyn Nets take on the Orlando Magic. The so-called Nets are hurting pretty bad with a majority of their team sitting out the NBA restart. The Nets will be missing Taurean Prince, Spencer Dinwiddie, DeAndre Jordan, Wilson Chandler, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant. Although the will have Caris Levert on the court he is going to need to carry a heavy weight for the Nets to be competitive. On the other hand the Magic are fighting to solidify their spot as the 7 seed in the East. Again it is hard to think many people will be watching this game that don’t have some sort of money on it, but it could be profitable for DFS players and gamblers. Take a look  at BetQL’s Magic vs Nets prediction to see which way their model is picking and how you can best profit on this game.

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