We finally have NBA action returning tomorrow night and we couldn’t be happier about it. The NBA’s Orlando bubble experiment has worked well enough so far and we will finally see NBA games that count. We haven’t had a meaningful basketball game in months and to many fan’s surprise we will actually be able to crown a 2020 NBA champion. We really can’t wait for this experiment to kick off in full force, our only complaint is that there will only be 2 games on opening night. Keep reading below to see our thoughts for each game.


Pelicans vs. Jazz

It seems fitting that the Jazz will be the team bringing the NBA back because they are the team that took everything away in mid March. If you correctly remember Rudy Gobert’s positive COVID test sent shockwaves through the NBA and caused the league to shut its doors. With the situation slightly under more control we have the Jazz welcoming back the NBA in Orlando. It is also funny to see the Pelicans kick off the restart since the NBA executives are trying as hard as possible to put them in primetime and get them into the playoffs. The Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson is not only a great player, but he gets huge ratings. This tip off game should be exciting to watch and if you are looking for a more in-depth preview check out BetQL’s Jazz vs Pelicans prediction. We think this game will be perfect to bring back the NBA and are hoping not only to see an exciting game but see some exciting plays from the young Pelicans.


Lakers vs. Clippers

The NBA is not holding back on opening night, giving us Zion and the Battle for LA is one night. Lebron James is about to embark on his first playoff campaign with the Lakers and the NBA is not going to make it easy for the King having the Lakers face off against the Kawhi Leonard led Clippers. We will see if either team goes 100% in this “regular season” game but even if they are playing at 75% this will be an amazing game. With a ton of star power on each side we are expecting something special for this game and if you want a deeper analysis read BetQL’s Clippers vs Lakers prediction to find out which side they think will win. Throughout this extended break Lebron James has almost been as silent as Kawhi Leonard which makes it seem like to us that he has a championship on his mind. Will the Lebron be able to win it all in the Orlando bubble?

We couldn’t be happier that the NBA is back and we have two great games to kick off the restart. If you are going to be betting on any NBA games for the rest of the “regular season” or the NBA playoffs be sure to check out BetQL’s NBA expert picks for each game and each bet type. If you are new to sports betting you also need to check out these sportsbook bonus codes to get free money to bet with this season.


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