AccuScore has trends and updated records for each sport available in the archives on this page (Subscribers can download archive files for each sport at any time, available at the links on this page). To help identify the best quality picks, we track dozens of different betting systems per league and update them daily. Each betting system or trend is the equivalent of a human handicapper, the only difference being these systems are more accurate than most 'Cappers and they do not cost you hundreds of dollars each.

The first column below identifies the sport the Hot Trend applies to. The second column identifies the type of pick:OU=Over/Under (Totals); PS=Point Spread; SV=Side Value; ML=Moneyline (if you don't know what this means read our brief system guide) The 3rd column is the Trend itself. The 4th column is the record AccuScore has with the particular trend when calculating value. This trend record is what makes each of these trends today's hot trends. The "Units" column explains how many units of profit investors would have if they had placed a 100 units on the trend every time AccuScore calculated value in picking these trends.

Finally, the most important part of the Betting system is the "Today" column. If you hover over the green "+" you will see which of today's games apply to the hot trend. Then, members should go to the individual game in the Game Forecast or Expert Picks sections and they can see a full game forecast to make expert picks by applying these trends, thus, using the AccuScore Betting System.

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IIHF SV SV: Home Line is +111 or More (Last Season) 10-9, 52.6% 1359
IIHF SV SV: Home Team Wins < 45% (Last Season) 10-9, 52.6% 1336
IIHF SV SIDE VALUE (Past 7 Days) 2-0, 100% 386
IIHF All Advisor Picks (Past 7 Days) 4-2, 66.7% 337
IIHF SV SV: Home Line is -190 or Less (Past 7 Days) 1-0, 100% 325
IIHF OU TOTALS: Betting Line of 5.5 (Last Season) 10-7, 58.8% 230
IIHF SV SV: Home Team Wins 55 to 59.9% (Last Season) 1-0, 100% 160
IIHF OU TOTALS: Betting Line of 5 or Less (Last Season) 9-7, 56.2% 130
IIHF ML ML: Home Line is -100 to -129 (Last Season) 1-0, 100% 102
IIHF SV SV: Home Line is -100 to -129 (Last Season) 1-0, 100% 102
File Name File Size Creation Date File Extention
WCUP2018_ARCHIVE.xls 372.5 KB 07.18.18 xls
SOCCER_WCUP_ARCHIVE.xls 190.5 KB 08.08.14 xls
LIIGA_ARCHIVE_2016-2017.xls 730.5 KB 04.28.17 xls
EURO_ARCHIVE.xls 165 KB 07.08.16 xls
NCAAB_ARCHIVE.xls 3.99 MB 03.07.20 xls
NBA_ARCHIVE_1819.xls 624 KB 10.30.18 xls
KHL_ARCHIVE.xls 1.68 MB 02.28.20 xls
KHL_ARCHIVE_2016-2017.xls 528.5 KB 04.17.17 xls
IHWC_ARCHIVE.xls 355 KB 09.21.16 xls
NHL_ARCHIVE.xls 3.91 MB 03.10.20 xls
NCAAF_ARCHIVE.xls 2.23 MB 01.02.20 xls
NFL_ARCHIVE.xls 1.32 MB 03.06.20 xls
MLB_ARCHIVE.xls 6.17 MB 10.30.19 xls
SHL_ARCHIVE.xls 411 KB 03.10.20 xls
NHL_ARCHIVE_PLAYOFFS2017.xls 2.24 MB 05.27.17 xls
CL_ARCHIVE.xls 302 KB 02.20.20 xls
IIHF_ARCHIVE.xls 1.12 MB 05.27.19 xls
LIIGA_ARCHIVE.xls 1.67 MB 03.10.20 xls
NBA_ARCHIVE.xls 4.93 MB 03.12.20 xls