AccuScore's Guide to NFL and College Football: Understanding AccuScore's NFL and NCAA Football Picks

AccuScore's Guide to MLB Picks: Understanding AccuScore's Expert MLB Picks

-What is your schedule for posting picks?
All data (game forecasts, fantasy, pro player analyzer) are updated on an as needed basis and not based on a set schedule. When injury news, changes in depth charts, etc. are received we repost the simulations. We rerun simulations up until kickoff because we want our simulations to be as accurate as possible. Although the simulations results may change close to kickoff, they rarely have dramatic shifts unless a key player is injured at the last moment. So, even though the simulation results may change, the expert pick for each game rarely changes.

-Why does the sim percentage change?
Up until a game tips off, we are constantly re-simulating games and you may notice a minor change in simulation% even if a game line does not change. This change rarely has an effect on the pick. If there is a major injury or a player is benched, the sim percentage can fluctuate a significant amount.

-What units are you using?
The Units are based on placing 100 units (rather than currency) on every pick and tracking the net profit on the pinnacle line. For example: if AccuScore is 6-1 in 3-star O/U picks the past 2 weeks. This means that AccuScore made 6 Over/Under picks that were correct. Each of these 6 picks were close to even money but a bit below. As such, these 6 correct picks yielded 590 units of profit. However, 1 pick was incorrect, so the net profit was 490 units.

-How is the star system calculated?
The star ratings are not 100% based on season combined accuracy of the two teams involved. Combined accuracy is one factor, but there are others: Are both teams profitable? Are there are other betting systems / trends that are applicable to the game? What is recent performance?

-On the Pro Player Analyzer tool you show all receivers and they don't add up to the QB yardage and their receptions don't total up to the QB completions. Why is their such a discrepancy?
The pro player tool for receiving yards shows increments of 5. A value like 55 is displayed for Mario Manningham but this range is 55 to 59 yards. His actual projection is 59. If you're looking at prop bets it's better to use the simulation averages from the game forecast.

-What is included in your membership?
AccuScore performs simulations and shares results for EVERY game (Regular and post season) in the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL. We also perform simulations on every Division 1A basketball and football game. We apply our simulation results to make picks on every game, but sometimes the simulation results do not advise making any picks (see example below). In addition to the conventional US sports, we also perform simulations on every English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Spanish Primera Liga, and Italian Serie A match (1446 matches). In addition to these league matches, we also provide simulation results on the knockout rounds of the UEFA Champions League. You will get access to simulation results for every sporting event listed above, and we will provide you a trend rating for these picks.
Example of "no pick": if the the over/under is at 40 points for an NFL game: If 48% of simulations ended under 40 points, 49% of simulations resulted in over 40 points, and 3% resulted in exactly 40 points, AccuScore would have no pick because over 50% of our simulations did not result in the Over or Under. With membership, you would be able to see these simulation results.

-What do I do if I forgot my username?
Please check your spam folder when you click "Forgot your password" link. Otherwise, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the email that is on record for your account and we will get back to you shortly.

-Why am I receiving an error when trying to register?
If you already have an account with us and are trying to register without being logged in, you will receive an error. You must first log in with your account and then register for a membership. Please allow a few seconds after hitting 'Begin Membership' for your payment to process.

-How do I upgrade my membership?
When you are on the monthly subscription plan and you wish to upgrade to the annual plan, you can simply log in, click on 'My Profile' and click to 'Upgrade My Account.'

-How do I reactivate my membership?
If you are already have an account with us and wish to reactivate your account, you can click "Register" at the top right of the page, log in with your old account and complete the signup process.

-How do I cancel my membership?
In order to cancel your membership, Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request cancellation of your membership. You should receive a confirmation notice from Support within 24 hours. Please see our Terms & Conditions for specific details and a explanation of the terms of the free trial.

-If my membership is cancelled, why am I still able to log in?
When your membership is cancelled, that means that you will not be billed again and your account will become inactive at the end of your last payment date. Once your membership is inactive you will still be able to log in, but the information will be locked and you will need to reactivate your account to have access again.

-For questions on our policy please see our Terms and Conditions.

-For any unanswered questions email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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