• NBA, NHL, MLB, Soccer: Cold Weather, Hot Trends

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    Cold Weather - Hot Profits For AccuScore

    The Major League Baseball season started few weeks ago, and the Boston Red Sox have been red hot with only two losses in 11 games, but how hot have Accuscore's baseball picks been during the first few weeks of the season? Notably, games when the home team favorite had over -130 odds have been profitable when simply betting moneyline as well as side value. You would receive profit of 282 and 439 dollars, respectively, when betting 100 for every game.

    Note: Be sure to check out AccuScore's Guide to Baseball

    While baseball season is just taking its first steps of the season, the NHL is into its postseason. After 1270 regular season games, Accuscore's NHL Picks generated overall profit with side value and moneyline bets. By betting 100 dollars for every game the profit of 495 from moneyline markets and 392 from side value bets may not seem staggering, but an overall profit entering the playoffs is always a positive sign for the playoffs. In addition, season totals bets also generated profits.

    Another league that changes gears to the postseason mood is the NBA. AccuScore's NBA Side value bets generated a profit of 1,363 when every game was bet by 100 units. Also, totals wagers generated profit during this regular season. A decent 390 profit out of all games when betting total based on Accuscore predictions is always good in your pocket.

    With a full season of data to fuel the projections and both sports profitable, NBA and NHL playoffs look set for a strong postseason, and NBA playoffs picks should be updated regularly.

    Soccer leagues in Europe don’t have playoffs in the traditional sense, even though the seasons are winding down across the continent. We have been very happy with the accuracy of our predictions since start of the season in August. The total profit of $32k with 100 dollars per every game in totals and 20% side value is something that anyone would welcome.

    During the last month, Serie A Picks continue to be the best performing league predictions in Europe. This time, the profit count during the last month is 1,078 when all side value bets and totals bets from every Serie A games were summed up. Overall, the accuracy of Serie A game predictions has been very good as the season totals shows over $10k profit for all of totals and 20% side value bets.

    Finally, AccuScore has predicted every Champions League game since group stage was completed. In these 24 games, few great side values in Manchester City losses against Basel and Liverpool have built up a great profit. By betting 100 dollars in every game’s side value, the profit number currently stands at 3150 dollars! Total bets from these same games have added another 328 dollars to the same profit column. With only five matches remaining in the Champions League, we're looking for these profits to continue to grow through the semifinals and final.

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  • The USA’s Top 5 Favorite Sports to Bet On

    Betting is a huge industry in the United States. If you are a sports fan in the US, you’ve likely placed a bet, at least once, according to the statistics. But, what are the favorite sports to bet on? Certainly, the American population has a deep passion for sports. In this article, we would like to explore which five sports are the favorites.

    Sports Betting in USA

    Before we talk about the sports, it is only natural that we discuss sports betting in the USA in general. After all, the hobby is a huge source of entertainment for many people. In 2023, most notable sports betting happens online. In large part, thanks to the online sportsbooks that have become so popular in the past two decades.

    For those who don’t know, online bookies are the big thing in sports betting right now. You can check out the Novibet sports betting section, and you will see a wide variety of sports that the site covers. Among them are all of the US’ favorites. Speaking of which, it is finally time to get into the meat and potatoes of this article, and discuss the USA’s top five favorite betting sports.


    Football, or American football as it is known around the world, is by far the most popular sport in the USA. Americans love football, and events within the sport have become a huge cultural ordeal. We are of course discussing the Super Bowl here, which is one of the most popular even in the world of sports.

    Football has slowly been growing in popularity all around the world. Japan, Great Britain, and Germany have especially been enamored. However, it still primarily remains a USA-centered sport. It seems the rest of the world prefers soccer.


    Major League Soccer has been gaining a lot of traction recently. In 2022, the organization surpassed the NHL, not just in terms of revenue, but also in terms of sport popularity. That is right, soccer is now the fourth most-watched game in the USA. Naturally, it is also one of the most popular betting sports.


    Next to soccer, basketball is the biggest sport in the world, watched by over 2 billion enthusiasts worldwide. The National Basketball Association is America’s basketball governing body, and one of the most successful basketball organizations globally.

    Thanks to the popularity of the 1990s Chicago Bulls team, spearheaded by Michael Jordan, NBA basketball has become a global phenomenon. In 2023, people from all over the world enjoy watching America’s best teams compete for the championship title.


    Baseball is often called America’s favorite pastime for good reason. The sport is huge in the country. Not only that, but it has garnered a huge following outside the USA too. Asian countries especially have a deep love for baseball, and baseball betting.


    Finally, we reach combat sports. Of the two combat sports that dominate the world right now, MMA and boxing, the latter remains the more popular. Though, not by much, and not for long. Still, boxing is an incredibly popular sport to bet on, especially in the USA, where some of the greatest boxers of all time come from.

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