Soccer Picks +$35k Profit This Season!

Written by AccuScore Staff
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Soccer Profits Sky High

Since start of the soccer season in Europe Accuscore predictions have been very accurate. By betting every game with over 20% value compared to bookmakers odds, our customers have collected over 21,000 dollars profit with an assumed 100 dollar bet . In practice, this means about 400% ROI as there is usually 4000-5000 invested in the games during the weekends.

However, it's not just side value bets providing the profit. Total goals have been good way to cash in. With another 100 bucks bet per game, our customers have end up with over 14,000 in pure profit this season.

This total profit of over $35k is already more than last season, when we recorded a strong posting of 33,500 profit from side value and total bets during the season! If you're not betting soccer using AccuScore, why not?

Soccer Profits Come from the Mediterranean

During the last few weeks the best performing league has been Serie A. With side value bets, the total profit assuming 100 dollar bets was +1270 dollars. Bundesliga and Premiership in England were also performing steadily, as those have been doing since start of the season. Profits from Bundesliga were +514 and from EPL +481 with the same bet size as in Serie A. Since the start of the season, our customers that have bet the games over 20% side value in Serie A and EPL have recorded +6571 and +6263 dollars profits, respectively.

While totals have not been as profitable as side value bets, mainly due to poor accuracy in Liga MX total goal predictions, there have been bright spots in Over/Under betting. Our customers who bet total markets in English Championship games received over 400 profit during last few weeks from those games. Ligue 1 in France has been another profitable league to bet totals in recent games.

As the weekend is full of soccer action around the world, Here are some major trends to keep in mind - Assumes 100 USD bet size:

Since start of the season:
Side value over 20%: +21231
Totals: +14121

From 12th February to 8th of March
-Side value over 20%: +1155
-Totals: -301

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