World Cup Betting Early Results - Over/Under Picks +592 Profit

Written by AccuScore Staff
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World Cup Betting Review Ahead of Group Stage Finales

Every team has only one game left in the group stage. While some teams have already lost their chances to advance, others have secured their places in the knockout rounds. In terms of big names, Argentina has struggled the most and needs some help from Croatia in order to proceed to the knockout rounds. Surely, Argentina failing to qualify for the group stages would be a massive shock and upset considering Lionel Messi and company were considered one of the few key contenders to win the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Betting results from individual games have fluctuated notably during the tournament, which was expected. After a great start and big wins, numbers have returned to more normal levels. While totals predictions started slowly, those bets have generated nice profits. After the first two rounds of group play, members who placed 100 unit bets for all totals betting opportunities have recorded 592 units of pure profit.

Meanwhile, moneyline bets have been more or less neutral since the start of the tournament. Currently all bets placed on favorites - ignoring every draw - would profited only 27 dollars. So, moneyline picks aren't necessarily the greatest return on investment even if the returns are profitable.

Before the tournament started, Accuscore picked out all the teams to advance out of the group stages and into the round of 16. Of AccuScore's 16 picks, seven had already secured their places to the next round before the final round of group play. Poland, meanwhile, was the only team that has disqualified among the teams that were predicted to advance to the knockout round.

Along with Poland, Argentina and Serbia are two other AccuScore pick that are closer to going home than advancing, even though they were predicted to reach playoffs. Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Germany, Denmark and Colombia have their faith in their own hands and good chances to continue the tournament.

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