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AccuScore’s 2015-16 NBA and NHL Season Review

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The NBA and NHL seasons have concluded. Congrats to the Cleveland Cavaliers and Pittsburgh Penguins, and congrats to AccuScore on another season finding a winning, profitable formula.

Early into the NBA playoffs, AccuScore identified its Totals picks as a hot trend. The computer got a good jump and started the postseason with a 7-3 record on Over/Under picks. Harping on that trend, the computer continued to push the profits and finished with a beautiful 60.8% record on Totals picks, which netted +1390 in profit for the playoffs, while all Side Value picks for the 2015-16 NBA regular and post season finished with +2,035 in profit. When AccuScore sees value, it’s worth the gamble.

Anyone who knows AccuScore, understands that the computer improves as the season progresses. We’re not in it for the sprint. This is a marathon, and how you finish is more important than how you start. For the 2016 NBA Finals, AccuScore was positive against the spread, on Over/Unders and on Side Value picks. So, once again, the AccuScore computer performed when it mattered most:

NBA Trends: 2015-16
-All Side Value Picks (Regular season + Playoffs) – 547-764-5, 41.7% +2035
-All NBA Playoffs O/U picks: 48-31-7, 60.8%, +1390

2016 NBA Finals Trends:
-Against the Spread: 5-2, 71.4% +280
-Over/Under Picks: 3-2-2, 60.0% +80
-Side Value Picks: 4-3, 57.1% +185

While the NBA may get a bit more viewership on television and have a stronger following on AccuScore.com, AccuScore’s NHL picks have a history of profitability and consistency that extends beyond even the NBA. For the 2015-16 NHL season (including playoffs), AccuScore was +1,710 on Over/Under picks and +1,073 on all Side Value picks.

NHL Trends: 2015-16
-All Side Value Picks: 671-648, 50.9% +1073
-All Over/Under Picks: 291-249-778, 53.9%+1710
-All Playoffs Side Value Picks: 51-40 56.0% +1162
-Stanley Cup Finals Side Value Picks: 4-2 66.7% +159

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