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2016-17 NBA Season: Projections For Every Team

The 2016-17 NBA season starts on Tuesday night with the San Antonio Spurs playing in Oakland against Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors. In case you’ve been sleeping under a rock or on the moon all summer, the Warriors added the last player not named Stephen Curry to win an MVP to their roster.

With the dawn of a new season, AccuScore also has win/loss projections for every team in the Association. In the Eastern Conference, the Cleveland Cavaliers are expected to comfortably win the conference with a record of 57-25 and have a 98.1% chance of making the playoffs before playing a single game. The Boston Celtics are a surprise as the second best team in the conference.

The New York Knicks are projected to finish with a 37-45 record and finish 10th best team in the conference. However, at least the Knicks can take solace in the fact that they project to beat out their close neighbors. Jeremy Lin and the Brooklyn Nets project to finish dead last in the Eastern Conference with a record of 24-58. So, yes, Philadelphia’s rebuild appears ready to finally leave the ground floor.

NBA 2016-17 Season Projections - East

Out West, there is a familiar combination of Golden State, San Antonio and Oklahoma City claiming the top three spots. The Clippers are close behind in fourth. From there, the West drops off considerably. The AccuScore computer projects Memphis and Utah to be playoff teams, and the biggest surprise is probably the bump up for the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers won 17 games a season ago, and AccuScore projects the team to double its win total to 34 wins.

NBA 2016-17 Season Projections - West

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