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Olympic Hockey Review + NHL & College Basketball Top Trends

Germany was a minute away from the biggest surprise of Olympics ice hockey tournament history. Their unbelievable run for a gold was denied by Olympic athletes from Russia in the last minute of the game and an eventual 4-3 overtime defeat for Germany.

Even though there were many surprises and Germany busted brackets by reaching the final of the tournament, Accuscore predictions provided our members with hefty profits during the games. Side value bets, especially, were right on a money since start of the tournament. Members who bet 100 dollars for every game's side value picks in Olympics ice hockey tournament cashed +1555 dollars in pure profit. This wasn't amateur hour for out members.

This time, NHL players didn’t participate in the Olympics. They continued their regular season schedule last two weeks as planned. And so, AccuScore members benefited from accurate hockey predictions and NHL predictions simultaneously.

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Since start of the season, accurate Accuscore predictions have provided 829 dollars profit, if total, side value and money line bets have been placed for every game. Like in Olympics, NHL side value bets have been especially profitable and returned profits of 2286 dollars since start of the season. Total bets haven’t been as profitable as side value predictions in NHL, but in Finnish ice hockey Liiga, total bets have been a real bank. So far, 6540 profit form the Liiga games speaks for itself...if you didn't know already, AccuScore takes hockey seriously.

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College Basketball Top Trends

March madness is just around the corner. Like the name says, it is complete madness when trying to predict all games correct in the final tournament. Before the madness, we can highlight some best betting results from the games of individual teams:

Charlotte has won only five games so far, but that's in line with our computer's thoughts. Actually, if you had placed a side value bet based on our predictions in every Charlotte game, you have over +1500 profit only from those games. So, while Charlotte won't be making the tourney, there's still time to cash in on their season.

NCAA basketball Totals have been especially strong with UNLV and number 4 ranked Villanova. By betting totals in every game for these teams, 1340 and 1140 dollars profit, respectively, would be sitting in your wallet. Predictions for another highly ranked team, Michigan State, have been accurate as well. Side value bets for the Spartans have recorded over 900 profits since start of the season. Now we are preparing for the perfect bracket - stay tuned.

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