Winter Olympics Ice Hockey Tournament – Final & Bronze Game

A huge upset was once again provided by team Germany in the semifinal stage. After ousting Switzerland and Sweden, the Germans went on to shock and awe team Canada – one of the biggest favorites. No one had anticipated Germany to reach the semifinals, let alone the final but there it is.

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The 2018 Winter Olympics Ice Hockey Medal Games start today with the Bronze match between the semifinal losers, Canada and Czech Republic. The Czechs won Canada in shootout during the group stage and are slight favorites to win the game in Accuscore simulations. Motivation after the semifinal disappointment plays a key part in the bronze game and it remains to be seen which team is able to rally the troops for “only” the Bronze medal game.

The Final between Olympic Athletes from Russia and Germany is played tomorrow. As was in previous games, Germany is once again overwhelming underdog against the biggest favorites of the tournament. Germany has surprised time and time again, but statistically they have not impressed. They are still mediocre in all categories and according to simulations, stand no chance against the superior Russians.

This is how the simulations predict the medal games:

2018 Winter Olympics Ice Hockey Medal Games
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