April 04, 2024 1:59 AM CDT

NBA: Toronto Raptors vs. Minnesota Timberwolves 2024-04-03 20:00:00.0

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The Minnesota Timberwolves are heavy 79.6 percent favorites over the Toronto Raptors. The Raptors are shooting 41.5 percent from the field which is significantly lower than the Timberwolves who are forecasted to shoot 49.1 percent. The Timberwolves have the rebounding advantage at 48.6 to 37.4. The Timberwolves are committing fewer turnovers at 15.6 vs 16.7 for the Raptors. The Raptors are making 12.9 three pointers on 31.2 percent from three point range. The Timberwolves are making 11.6 three pointers on 33.3 percent. KEY PLAYER STATISTICAL DATA---PTS: Immanuel Quickley 22.3, Anthony Edwards 26.5 ASSISTS: Immanuel Quickley 7.6, Anthony Edwards 6.7 REBOUNDS: J. Freeman-Liberty 8.5, Rudy Gobert 16.8 SPORTS ODDS: Sportsbooks and handicappers have set the line at MIN -16.0 TOTAL 215.5. WIN-LOSS Toronto Raptors 23-51 Minnesota Timberwolves 51-23 ATS Toronto Raptors 30-43 Sweat Barometer -3.0 Minnesota Timberwolves 38-33 Sweat Barometer 2.2 OVER-UNDER Toronto Raptors 37-36 Avg Over/Under Line 2.6 Minnesota Timberwolves 36-38 Avg Over/Under Line -2.0 ACCUSCORE PICK RECORD - POINT SPREAD PICKS Toronto Raptors 40-32 Minnesota Timberwolves 35-35 OVER-UNDER PICKS Toronto Raptors 33-39 Minnesota Timberwolves 34-37

UNITS EDGE FAVORS: Minnesota Timberwolves

Toronto RaptorsATS RECORDMinnesota TimberwolvesATS RECORDATS EDGE
Record on the Road10-26, 28.0% -1600Record at Home26-10, 72.0% 1600Minnesota Timberwolves
VS Minnesota Timberwolves1-0, 100.0% 100VS Toronto Raptors0-1, 0.0% -110Toronto Raptors
vs Team .500 or Better10-35, 22.0% -2850vs Team Under .50021-6, 78.0% 1440Minnesota Timberwolves
Record As Road Underdog7-23, 23.0% -1830Record As Home Favorite23-8, 74.0% 1420Minnesota Timberwolves
Playing Back-to-Back Days10-15, 40.0% -650Playing Back-to-Back Days15-13, 54.0% +70Minnesota Timberwolves

LAST SEASON: We advise focusing on these trends in the first month of the season. UNITS EDGE FAVORS: Minnesota Timberwolves

Toronto RaptorsATS RECORDMinnesota TimberwolvesATS RECORDATS EDGE
Record on the Road14-27, 34.0% -1300Record at Home24-20, 55.0% 400Minnesota Timberwolves
VS Minnesota Timberwolves1-1, 50.0% -10VS Toronto Raptors1-1, 50.0% -10EVEN
vs Team .500 or Better19-30, 39.0% -1400vs Team .500 or Better25-25, 50.0% -250Minnesota Timberwolves
Record As Road Underdog11-7, 61.0% 330Record As Home Favorite4-17, 19.0% -1470Toronto Raptors
After 1 or More Days Off40-40, 50.0% -400After 1 or More Days Off44-43, 51.0% -330Minnesota Timberwolves


Toronto RaptorsRECORDMinnesota TimberwolvesRECORDO-U EDGE
OVER-UNDER ON ROAD22-13, 63.0% OverOVER-UNDER AT HOME16-20, 44.0% OverOVER
vs Teams Averaging >100 PTS at Home34-33, 51.0% OVERvs Teams Averaging >100 PTS on Road34-36, 49.0%UNDER

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POINT SPREAD (SEASON) - Toronto Raptors Road Games: 17-19, 47.0% -390 Minnesota Timberwolves Home Games: 16-18, 47.0% -380 POINT SPREAD (PAST 30 DAYS) - Toronto Raptors Road Games: 3-3, 50.0% -30 Minnesota Timberwolves Home Games: 4-2, 67.0% +180

OVER-UNDER RECORD (SEASON) - Toronto Raptors Road Games: 12-22, 35.0% -1108 Minnesota Timberwolves Home Games: 16-17, 48.0% -244 OVER-UNDER RECORD (PAST 30 DAYS) - Toronto Raptors Road Games: 4-2, 67.0% + 164 Minnesota Timberwolves Home Games: 2-2, 50.0% -18

SIDE VALUE (SEASON) - Toronto Raptors Road Games: 13-23, 36.0% -425 Minnesota Timberwolves Home Games: 11-25, 31.0% +-575 SIDE VALUE (PAST 30 DAYS) - Toronto Raptors Road Games: 0-6, 0.0% -583 Minnesota Timberwolves Home Games: 2-4, 33.0% -95

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