February 12, 2024 7:48 PM CST

NBA: Washington Wizards vs. Dallas Mavericks 2024-02-12 21:30:00.0

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The Dallas Mavericks are heavy 77.9 percent favorites over the Washington Wizards. The Wizards are shooting 43.8 percent from the field and the Mavericks are forecasted to shoot 48.2 percent. The Mavericks have the rebounding advantage at 52.6 to 45.1. The Mavericks are committing fewer turnovers at 12.1 vs 15.6 for the Wizards. The Wizards are making 16.3 three pointers on 33.6 percent from three point range. The Mavericks are making 17.0 three pointers on 36.9 percent. KEY PLAYER STATISTICAL DATA---PTS: Kyle Kuzma 19.6, Luka Doncic 35.8 ASSISTS: Tyus Jones 6.1, Luka Doncic 10.1 REBOUNDS: Kyle Kuzma 8.3, Luka Doncic 11.6 SPORTS ODDS: Sportsbooks and handicappers have set the line at DAL -12.5 TOTAL 247.5. WIN-LOSS Washington Wizards 9-43 Dallas Mavericks 30-23 ATS Washington Wizards 25-26 Sweat Barometer -1.2 Dallas Mavericks 28-25 Sweat Barometer 0.0 OVER-UNDER Washington Wizards 25-26 Avg Over/Under Line -0.9 Dallas Mavericks 29-23 Avg Over/Under Line 2.0 ACCUSCORE PICK RECORD - POINT SPREAD PICKS Washington Wizards 28-22 Dallas Mavericks 31-20 OVER-UNDER PICKS Washington Wizards 25-25 Dallas Mavericks 23-28

UNITS EDGE FAVORS: Washington Wizards

Washington WizardsATS RECORDDallas MavericksATS RECORDATS EDGE
Record on the Road6-20, 23.0% -1400Record at Home15-13, 54.0% 200Dallas Mavericks
VS Dallas Mavericks0-1, 0.0% -110VS Washington Wizards1-0, 100.0% 100Dallas Mavericks
vs Team .500 or Better1-32, 3.0% -3420vs Team Under .50015-4, 79.0% 1060Dallas Mavericks
Record As Road Underdog6-20, 23.0% -1600Record As Home Favorite10-6, 63.0% 340Dallas Mavericks
After 1 or More Days Off19-15, 56.0% +250After 1 or More Days Off15-15, 50.0% -150Washington Wizards

LAST SEASON: We advise focusing on these trends in the first month of the season. UNITS EDGE FAVORS: Washington Wizards

Washington WizardsATS RECORDDallas MavericksATS RECORDATS EDGE
Record on the Road15-25, 38.0% -1000Record at Home23-18, 56.0% 500Dallas Mavericks
VS Dallas Mavericks2-0, 100.0% 200VS Washington Wizards0-2, 0.0% -220Washington Wizards
vs Team Under .50019-14, 58.0% 360vs Team Under .50016-17, 48.0% -270Washington Wizards
Record As Road Underdog15-7, 68.0% 730Record As Home Favorite4-18, 18.0% -1580Washington Wizards
After 1 or More Days Off33-47, 41.0% -1870After 1 or More Days Off36-42, 46.0% -1020Dallas Mavericks


Washington WizardsRECORDDallas MavericksRECORDO-U EDGE
OVER-UNDER ON ROAD12-13, 48.0% OverOVER-UNDER AT HOME15-12, 56.0% OverOVER
vs Teams Averaging >100 PTS at Home22-21, 51.0% OVERvs Teams Averaging >100 PTS on Road27-22, 55.0%OVER

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POINT SPREAD (SEASON) - Washington Wizards Road Games: 15-11, 58.0% +290 Dallas Mavericks Home Games: 18-9, 67.0% +810 POINT SPREAD (PAST 30 DAYS) - Washington Wizards Road Games: 4-1, 80.0% +290 Dallas Mavericks Home Games: 4-4, 50.0% -40

OVER-UNDER RECORD (SEASON) - Washington Wizards Road Games: 14-11, 56.0% + 174 Dallas Mavericks Home Games: 11-15, 42.0% -499 OVER-UNDER RECORD (PAST 30 DAYS) - Washington Wizards Road Games: 4-1, 80.0% + 264 Dallas Mavericks Home Games: 3-4, 43.0% -127

SIDE VALUE (SEASON) - Washington Wizards Road Games: 8-18, 31.0% -768 Dallas Mavericks Home Games: 17-11, 61.0% 970 SIDE VALUE (PAST 30 DAYS) - Washington Wizards Road Games: 2-3, 40.0% +176 Dallas Mavericks Home Games: 5-3, 63.0% +163

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