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Toronto Time: Baseball Championship Series Picks

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MLB playoffs are in good speed. Game 5’s decided winner in three of the four Divisional series. So far Accuscore has predicted playoffs well. Both Wild Card games were correct in the predictions as well as 3 out of 4 teams that advanced to Championship series. Only Dodgers’ 3-2 defeat by Mets spoiled the perfect record.

Earlier we predicted Toronto to reach World Series easily against Kansas City. After a bit struggle against Rangers, is the Blue Jays still favorite to win it all? And how about Mets? Can they slow down the steaming hot Cubs that have won 12 out of last 13 games?

We have re-simulated MLB playoffs and it seems that the favorite has not changed. Here is the breakdown of the series:

ALCS: Kansas City vs. Toronto (2-4)

Both teams came from behind and clinched divisional series in five games. Like at the start of the playoffs, Toronto is the favorite to win American League. However, their struggle against Texas impacted predictions that it is not anymore 4-0, but now simulations give two wins to Royals as well. Even though Toronto didn’t show their full offensive power in Division series, that should be enough to boost Blue Jays past Royals. Only big question mark for Toronto is their bullpen, but if starters push for few extra innings during this series, that should keep Royals in check.

NLCS: NY Mets vs. Chicago Cubs (4-2)

This matchup is the battle between hot teams. Both teams dropped favorites in divisional series, but Cubs seems to ride strong with their top form. Computer thinks differently. Mets are a clear favorite to proceed to World Series. The strong play against Dodgers surprised many, and young starting pitchers played like seasoned veterans. Cubs’ young batters versus Mets’ young pitchers is the most interesting matchup of the series. It would be fascinating to see how Game 5 hero Daniel Murphy will make a difference against Cubs.

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World Series: Toronto vs. NY Mets (4-2)

Toronto has built their team for one reason – to win championship right now. NY Mets is the team with the bright future. If they can keep the core team intact, they should be regular postseason participant in the next few seasons. This time Toronto’s squad is better equipped to win World Series. It depends a bit how the top starting pitchers will match up, but DeGrom and Harvey are the ones that have good chances to take wins in this series. If others cannot stand up to stop a great bat from Toronto, they have too much to overcome for World Series.

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