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Toronto Blue Jays to Win World Series

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MLB playoffs are knocking on the door. Some teams that we predicted to the top in April were not worthy of even playoffs spot: Angels, Nationals and Detroit can be highlighted here. At the same time few teams that were not predicted to play in October have been Cinderella stories of the season: Texas, Kansas City and Chicago Cubs played much better than predicted. How well these teams will do in playoffs?

We have simulated MLB playoffs and it seems that Cubs will be the teams with best probabilities to enter World Series from these teams. With the experience from the last season’s World Series, Royals again are positioned to surprise baseball followers. Wild Cards will be taken by Houston Astros and Chicago Cubs, but here is the breakdown of the series:

ALDS: Toronto vs. Texas (3-1)

Toronto is the favorite to win World Series in many bookmakers’ papers. They are clear favorite to win over Texas that was able to play season without similar injury concerns like a year ago. Texas has best chances to take a win in the game 3, but it would be a huge upset, if they continue their playoff run from divisional series.

ALDS: Kansas City vs. Houston (3-2)

This divisional series is one of the tightest during the postseason. Both teams have advantages at the home field, but the experience from the last postseason will tip the probabilities towards Royals. During the deep playoff run a year ago, many unexperienced Royals grew and performed above their predicted performance levels. This time especially Houston pitchers behind Dallas Keuchel and Collin McHugh need to improve, if they want to keep their Cinderella story alive.

NLDS: LA Dodgers vs. NY Mets (3-1)

Ten years ago Mets swept Dodgers in NL Divisional series. This time we are not predicting similar results, but it would be Dodgers with their aces Clayton Kershaw and Zach Greinke on the driver’s seat to complete this series. Even though the most probable outcome for the series Is 3 to1 for Dodgers, Mets has good chances to win two games.

NLDS: St. Louis vs. Chicago Cubs (1-3)

The most surprising prediction for the divisional series is the matchup between the 100 win team and the team that hasn’t achieved 75 wins during last 5 seasons. Simulations predict all games being very tight, but Cubs will get needed offense from Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant in order to overcome Cardinals pitching. Cubs are entering to this series with 9 wins in a row – if they win wild card as predicted. We have many examples of the great form in October. Here we can see many similar signals for the surprise run.

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ALCS: Kansas City vs. Toronto (0-4)

Toronto will march to the World Series easily against Kansas City. Now or never approach that Blue Jays took at the trading deadline is paying off against Royals. Top acquisitions like David Price and Troy Tulowitzki will be worth of gold when games are getting more important. Especially the offense that scored almost 900 runs during the regular season is too much for Royals to handle.

NLCS: LA Dodgers vs. Chicago Cubs (4-3)

If the AL Conference Series would be Toronto’s show, in National League matchup between Dodgers and Cubs is much tighter. This will be most probably seven game series and the strong form of Cubs gives them chance to push strongly towards World Series, first time since 1945. Our prediction is relying that Dodgers sputtering offense will provide enough boost to support their top of the league pitching. Many of the series games are predicted to be close to 50-50, so small things will decide the winner in this matchup.

World Series: Toronto vs. LA Dodgers (4-1)

This matchup is the traditional meeting between a high octane offense of Toronto and the best duo of the starting pitchers in MLB – Zach Greinke and Clayton Kershaw. However, Kershaw melted big time during the last postseason. Out of eight starts during his postseason career he has achieved only one win. That needs to change, if Dodgers plan to derail Toronto’s World Series Parade.

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