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Another 7-Game World Series?

MLB postseason predictions have been relatively accurate so far, even the biggest favourite Toronto was sent to offseason by Kansas City a bit surprisingly. Accuscore has predicted both wild card winners as well as 4 out of 6 series winners correctly. Now it is time for the biggest challenge when predicting the winner of the World series.

A year ago we correctly predicted that San Francisco will win the title. It was one of the most memorable finish of the series when Giants clinched the win in the Game 7 in Kansas City. This time we predict similar outcome. Game 7 is looming in this series as well.

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As both teams pitching have shown very strong performances during the postseason, they have hot bats that can deliver runs when needed and the form that has carried them to World Series, it is difficult to pick favorite from this series. Even betting lines are hovering around even money before the first game.

Our 10000 simulations seem to like Matt Harvey’s and Johnny Cueto’s chances when they are starting. Both pitchers should win their respective starts in games 1,2,5 and 6. Chris Young will meet fanatic Mets fans and Steven Matz in game 4, but he should pull the win easily from this game.

If there are no surprise rotation changes, the key matchup between starting pitchers is the one with Yordano Ventura and Noah Syndergaard. A year ago Ventura was an inexperienced rookie that pitched like a seasoned veteran in World Series. His great performances in games 2 and 6 gave two wins for Royals.

Our predictions forecasts another young starter Noah Syndergaard to win game 3 at home, but he cannot repeat the performance in Kansas City when the deciding game for the series would be played. The most probable outcome of this series is Royals win in 7 games.

However, the game one is predicted to be 51%-49% and if the home team can swing this game towards them, there is a high probability for Royals to win in six. The third most probable outcome of this series is Mets win in 7 games, but that would require more from young pitching and home runs to pour in by Daniel Murphy.

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