MLB FUTURES TIME: 2013 Edition

All the major sportsbooks have posted their MLB regular season win totals and AccuScore has its 2013 season forecast. So let’s start making some futures picks on win totals. Last year we hit on 60.7% (see below). Let’s do at least as good this year and make even more money. Obviously there are certain teams with substantially big differences (at least +/- 1.5) and a dozen or so where our picks are “soft” so to speak.

2013 MLB Baseball Futures Picks

These were the 2012 picks and results

We thought it would be interesting to take a look at what happened in the 2012 MLB Regular Season. We compared the AccuScore Win total forecast vs the Vegas Line vs what actually happened.

The results were very good with AccuScore going 60.7% on straight over/under picks.

2013 MLB Baseball Futures

The picks that were incredibly wrong are obvious (Baltimore, Boston, Washington). We were pleased to see Miami fall on their face because we probably were the only “experts” to predict a sub-.500 season after all the off-season moves the Marlins made. We not only forecasted sub-.500 we forecasted them to be right near the bottom of their division.

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