Accuscore predictions have been right on a money during last five days. With 100 bet you would end up 560 profit with ATS bets as well as collecting 298 profit from side value bets. Is is good to keep these trends in mind when making bets for tonight’s NBA game between The Indiana Pacers and the Oklahoma City Thunder. In addition to this is our four star game when betting either ATS or totals. BTW: overall profit since start of the NBA season in totals (with 100 bet size) is 3170!

Indiana is a slightly over 57% favorite in this game. One key reason is that The Thunder are shooting 43.5% from the field, but the Pacers are forecasted to shoot 47.4%. Also the rebounding advantage is tilting the scale towards Indiana as they are predicted to take 46.3 rebounds against 44.4 to the Thunder.

The point spread line is -1.5 Indiana, so The Thunder can lose with a single point and still cover the bets. However, predictions give only 45.8% probability for this while Indiana’s chances to cover 1.5 extra points at the end of the game are 54.1%, The total line is set in Vegas to 211.5. Like many times during this season, Accuscore is predicting this to stay UNDER with 57.9% probability.

This game has been promoted in ESPN as a matchup between Russell Westbrook and Victor Oladipo. Based on Accuscore’s fantasy predictions, Wesbrook will take highest numbers in every category: points, rebounds and assists. Simulations predict that he has around 50% probability to reach number 44 when combining points, rebounds and assists.
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