Accuscore NBA predictions were on the money again last night. When our subscribers bet 100 dollars for every game’s totals, moneyline and side value, they received pure profit of 1057 dollars. Pretty good addition to your holiday shopping budget. Totals betting (8-2) was again going strong as that have been the case during the whole season. So far 2620 dollars profit since start of the season when betting all games’ total market.

Tonight the Detroit Pistons will visit the Orlando Magic. Even though the shooting percentages are predicted to be more or less same (46.6.% vs. 46%), the Pistons are solid favorite for this game with 67.2% probability to win. One of the biggest difference maker is the rebounding as the Pistons are predicted to have over 48 rebounds compared to the Magic with under 40 rebounds.

The point spread line is -4.5 Detroit, so the Magic can lose with four points and still cover the bets. However, predictions give only 43.6% probability for this while the Pistons chances to cover 4.5 extra points at the end of the game are 56.6%, The total line is set in Vegas to 206.5. Like many times during this season, Accuscore is predicting this to stay UNDER with 59.2% probability.

Top scorer from the Detroit Pistons is predicted to be Tobias Harris. His chances for over 20 points in this game are 43%. In addition to points, he has over 40% chance to make over 6 rebounds. For Orlando, the best scorer in this game is predicted to be Evan Fournier, but his chances to record over 20 points is only 17.6%. More closer number would be 15. So far Accuscore has predicted Detroit game Totals correct 22 times out of 32 games. That would be good bet this time as well.
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