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We have asked some of our users to tell us how they are killing it using the AccuScore system and this is what they have to say:

"My book offer totals usually 2 above the listed over and 2 below the listed under on MLB and hockey. Tuesday nights' Atlanta Braves/Florida matchup is a classic example. The over/under at most places was 7 and 1/2. You could play it at 8 and 1/2 on my book. Using the o/u tool bar, there was a 73% chance that the game was going to go under 9 1/2 and a 66% chance it was going under 8 1/2. I only play games that are 70%/60% chance of winning. The previous example was 73/66%. I was 6-2 Tuesday and usually have that type of success daily. The tool bars are very important."
-Blake Stephens

“I use Accuscore to help me trade sports bets, much like an options trader trades options. Sports gambling is made possible in Vancouver by the British Colombia Lottery Commission. They have two ways to play "Lines" One offers a straight, Vegas style, line. The other offers a "Home Win, Visitor Win, or Tie" option. A "Tie" is defined as any game within three points, thus giving every football game a 3.5 point line. (Visiting from the US, I found this to be amazing, and even more amazing to find sports betting available at the grocery store!)

By using Accuscore's sliding tool bar, I determine how to best find a "middle." A good example would be the Seattle @ Dallas match up from 11/6/2011. The line here was Dallas -11.5 Accuscore told me that Dallas had a 71.5% chance of winning by 3.5 points but only a 51.8% chance of winning by more than 11.5. So I took Seattle, +11.5 in one game and Dallas, -3.5 in the other, leaving me a "middle" of more than a touchdown. Since Dallas won by 10, I won both bets with the game landing in the "middle".

This opportunity exists often in both NCAA and NFL football each week. Now, before everyone moves to Vancouver during rainy season, its still gambling because the Canadian government has a "two game minimum." Luckily, this can be ANY sport, including EPL, and since Accuscore covers all of them, there is always a value to be found somewhere.

Speaking of value, I also use Accuscore to determine the best "value bets" in the 3.5 point game mentioned above. I again use the sliding toolbar to determine the odds of all three bets... Home win, Visitor win, and tie. I multiply that % by the $ value of the bet, which gives me metric to judge expectancy.

A value above a 1.0 means that the expectancy is on a dollar "invested" is likely, over the long term, to have a positive return. I rarely wager against that expectancy... and lean towards favorites with 60% or greater chance of covering the 3.5 points. The only exception is when a team, according to Accuscore is the favorite, yet the oddsmakers here have them as the underdog.

A good example of this was Cincy vs Tennessee in the NFL. Accuscore had Cincy as a slight favorite to win by 3.5 compared to Tennessee. Basically a coin flip, but the oddsmakers were paying 20% more to Cincy who I felt was the better team anyway. Cincy won by a touchdown, thus covering the 3.5 line and I took the win.

I enjoy Accuscore and find it allows me to develop a systemic approach to playing the spreads... Thanks!”
-Jason Daniels

"I like the NHL and watch a couple of games/month. I have never followed the NHL standings closely nor do I have a team I root for on a regular basis. I am a sports investor and have been doing it long enough to come out ahead at a 57% rate (on average over the last 36 months). With the NBA lockout at the beginning of the season, I started to look at Accuscore's NHL data. It became apparent that I had to start looking at the NHL standings, follow team injuries and pay attention to goaltenders for any team on any given night. Being aware of the "basics" for the purpose of wagering the NHL is imperative. Armed with basic information, coupled with AccuScore's Expert Pick data, has resulted in healthy profits for me. In general, I have won approximately 53% of the time on SV underdogs of at least 40% with ML odds in the +110 to +200 range. Also, I have made outstanding profits betting totals. AccuScore makes that easy. If it's a Hot Trend with a 2 Star to 4 Star rating, I bet the AccuScore O/U pick. These picks have won 62.4% of the time since I've started betting NHL Totals. Finally, I have found a way to make money betting the PS (or PL) using Accuscore data. A team needs to have at least a 40% chance of winning -1.5 goals. (I have never seen a team have an outright percentage advantage to win -1.5 goals.) I always wager 1-2 units on the PS if the Accuscore Point Spread Prediction is 40% or greater for a team. Tonight (January 19, 2012), the Philadelphia Flyers fall into the system I use with a 46% Accuscore Probability. My advice is to follow AccuScore Expert Picks for the NHL and develop your own systems. If you possess a general understanding of probability & statistics and sports investing, you will watch your account grow betting the NHL with AccuScore!"
-Tim Wrights

“Money management is the key no matter what system your using! I bet around 2% of my bankroll on average and don't ever bet more than 5% of my bankroll on any given game on which you have even or close to even odds. 1% per unit but never risk more than 5% for any particular bet under any circumstances. For Accuscore I use their hot picks with this strategy but I add one important factor. Since all games here are given a statistical percentage of winning I build in my own percentage minus for injured key players. I give a statistical percentage bias to different players based on their contribution to the team. Obviously if Tom Brady was out of the game for the Patriots It would be a greater percentage bias, then a Wes Welker.I also sometimes adjust that over all percentage bias in accordance to the opposing team strengths if they are significant.”
-Josh Johnson

“Accuscore has become an indispensable part of my personal handicapping. After using Accuscore for 2-3 months, I have developed several methodologies in handicapping any sport based on the invaluable information provided. The most simple method is relying on Accuscore's advice based on their statistics. Picking a team based on a 3 or 4 Star rating alone will put anyone in a profitable situation.

Personally, I like to do my own fundamental analysis based on different parameters for whatever sport I'm handicapping and couple that with Accuscore's preeminent technical analysis. Learn to click on 1 Star rated teams that aren't Hot Trends. You'll soon realize that 1 Star team ratings can be related to the low point spread or money line that has been set by "Vegas". That team just might be your winner!

The best aspect of Accuscore's technical analysis is that it can be used in numerous ways to pick a winning team. I suggest to anyone who needs to predict winners consistently to use Accuscore. Become familiar with the easy to use interface and you'll quickly discover the value of the Accuscore edge!”
-Mark Williams

“When deciding on what picks to go with I combine the AccuScore data with my understanding of the sport. Typically, I search for the highest percentages first, which tends to be around 60 percent for point spread and over/under picks. I read the forecast and decide whether or not I agree with AccuScore’s prediction. If I do agree, I make the pick. If not, I move on to the next highest percentage.”
-Nick Turnbull

“I use Pinnacle since that is the site that AccuScore uses for their lines. I always go to the expert pick page to find out the computer record for each team involved giving more credence to 3-star and especially 4-star picks. I only use 2-star picks if the simulation percentage is significantly higher than the posted lines to make up for the poor track record. If the simulations percentage and/or trends are very poor, I will consider fading that pick. The real kicker is using my own knowledge of the teams to back-up what the numbers are telling me. When they both line up is when I make a bet.”
-Brett Davidson

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