Casual Betting vs Using a System

There is a huge difference between casually betting on sports or using a sports betting system to place a wager. The majority of players might take betting seriously, but at the end of the day they are just gambling. A top system player is still risking their money, but chances are they are using data and information as the backbone for their sports investment.

Casual Betting is OK

I really want to stress that there is nothing wrong with casual sports betting. It’s done daily amongst friends and has been the catalyst for Las Vegas’s expanding skyline. More often than not, a casual better is someone who is just looking to win a few bucks on a game because they think Team A will crush Team B, or that Team B might pull an upset on Team A.

The casual better probably doesn’t pay for information and is not trying to beat the house. He simply thinks he knows something and is looking to profit. The common thread for the casual better is the lack of supporting news or trending information around the game they are wagering on.

Full System for Results

We created AccuScore because there is value in sports information. Each team and player leaves a statistical fingerprint, which ultimately leads to a statistical resume. When you are able to process information on players and teams, it is easy to indentify the trends that accompany them.

A system player wants to know these betting trends because it is the cornerstone to their profile. Trends lend itself to an edge. Most casual bettors are going to focus on the name brand teams during each season. If you are headed to Vegas for the weekend during the NBA season, they are counting on you to bet on a game with the Lakers or Heat, rather than the Memphis Grizzlies.

Covering All Games

While I casual player might locked into a game with marketable players, a system player who uses the AccuScore top sports betting system looks past that to find where the true advantages lie.

An AccuScore system player would know that this past season when simulations picked Memphis to cover, we had 81-percent accuracy. On the flip side, the casual better who wants to bet on Kobe Bryant would be have their money on a team that only covered 51-percent of the time they were projected to do so.

The example above highlights the biggest difference between the casual bettor and the system player. The casual bettor brings in variables that can hurt the integrity of a bet. They will bet money on a game because it involves a recognizable player or their favorite team. A system player only focuses on trends that lend itself to a higher probability of winning.