Must-Bet Events: American Sports

The Super Bowl is by far the biggest wagered on the sporting event in the United States. With appeal to the big gambler to the person attending a “watch party,” the Super Bowl has something for everyone.

According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, gamblers wagered $82 million at sports books throughout Nevada. While that is staggering amount of money, it does not account for money wagered online, amongst friends and various office pools and watch parties. When you add those components, the amount of money wagered on Super Bowl Sunday exceeds over $1 billion according to the Dallas Morning News.

While the Super Bowl holds to the title for biggest single day sporting event to wager on, March Madness takes in almost an identical amount of money in Nevada casino’s over the course of the tournament. During the 10 days in March where there are games, Nevada casinos see roughly $90 million in wagers. However the real money comes when you factor in the office pools (brackets) and the money wagered online or illegally. When you add those numbers to the equation, the amount of money wagered by Americans on college basketball in March also exceeds $1 billion on an annual basis.

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