Sports Betting Lines

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Sports betting lines and odds are among the most important pieces of information prior to a game. Even if you do not have a financial interest in a game, there are many things you can learn from the spreads.

What are Lines or Spreads?
Also known as “the spread,” a betting line serves as an official indicator of what the oddsmakers think of this game. If the spread is close in football (under five points), the oddsmakers feel the game will be close and both teams are close to being evenly matched.

The same process works for large lines. When a football line is more than a touchdown (7 points), the oddsmakers feel that one team is superior to their opponent. Even fans with a casual interest, who would never bet on a game, can get a true snap shot of who the better (and weaker) team is when there is a match-up with a big point spread.

Making Management Easier
The sheer number of games during a season can seem overwhelming. Consider also that multiple sports overlap. This makes keeping track of all the betting lines and spreads a challenge. We provide lines and the picks based on them for the following sports (see box on right):

AccuScore provides official betting lines for NFL pro football, College Football, NBA, College Basketball, NHL, Major League Baseball.