NHL 2013 Season Futures - Best Bets


January 19th marks the long awaited return of the NHL. We strongly advise focusing on Side Value and Totals picks when making NHL bets. Last year we generated strong profits going 662-627, 51.4% +577 on all Side Value picks and 447-395, 53.1% +1250 on Totals.

We did not start the 2011-2012 season off strong on Side Values. Our primary NHL analyst (no longer with our company) did not perform to our satisfaction. We are not pointing fingers but post-departure (February 2012) we hit an amazing 252-220, 53.4% +3276 on all Side Values. We were 63-49, 56.3% +1785 on 4 Start Side Values. Our Four Star Totals were 24-18, 57%.

For those of you who prefer focusing on our top systems picks you should take note of these best picks from last season:

• Side Value when home team wins 50 to 54.9% of simulations 134-128, 51.1% +3373
• Central Division game side value 46-19, 70.8% +2792
• Western Conference Game Totals 150-114, 56.8% +2460
• Atlantic Division Game Totals 31-12, 72.1% +1780
• Western Conference Game Side Value 265-238, 52.7% +1749
• Side Value when the Home Team wins 55 to 59.9% 128-129, 59.8% +976
• Money Line picks when Home Team wins 60 to 64.9% 122-74, 62.2% +714

By February 1st we’ll already have played 100 games and our top systems picks for this season will quickly emerge. If you are a hockey investor you’ll have over 800 regular season and playoff games included in your low annual $299 price. You’ll also get all your NBA picks which have already generated over +4,000 units of profit, the rest of the NFL playoffs (7-1 ATS and Totals in divisional round), and the upcoming 2013 MLB Season.

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We have done our initial season forecast (updated daily). Below is a recap of how our forecasted win totals compare to the season futures lines. We declared a PUSH for any team where the LINE is 1 win or less different from the AccuScore line (ACC). Take these picks to Vegas free of charge.

NHL 2013 Season Futures Analysis