Top NFL Picks - Week 17

Written by Jon Lee

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Analyst’s Top Week 17 NFL Picks

The final week of the NFL season is upon us, and analyst Jon lee is determined to finish the regular season and enter the playoffs on a winning note. He’s got two new picks for this Sunday’s make or break weekend. Last weekend, he was a perfect 3-0, so now it’s time to put the cherry on top of the cake. Usually, Mr. Lee has one free pick and some members only picks. However, with Week 17 here, he’s paying the members back with two exclusive picks and nothing for non-members (You can try AccuScore for free for 7 days ).

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Buffalo Bills -3.5 vs. New York Jets
A coach that wants to be fired, and a quarterback that knows he is out of a job? Suffice it to say that the Jets have motivation issues in this final game of the season. AccuScore simulations have the Bills winning 61.6 percent of the time, and by 5 points on average.

Green Bay Packers -3.5 at Minnesota Vikings
The Vikings need this game to make the playoffs, but Green Bay too will be playing for a first round bye and homefield advantage. Plus, the Packers are flat out the better team, and will get to play in a dome in order to fuel their multifaceted passing attack. AccuScore simulations have the Packers winning by 7 points on average, and winning outright 66.7 percent of the time. The Vikings have more incentive to win, but the Packers are just better and the line does not accurately reflect the difference.