Top 5 Projected Defenses/Special Teams: Week 15

By Bart Lopez

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1. Chicago Bears: While the offense struggles thanks to costly injuries, the Chicago defense continues to play well. It played well against Denver, even though it got Tebowed (that happens to everyone nowadays). Expect the Bears to handle the Seahawks at home. Projected fantasy points: 20.2.

2. Green Bay Packers: The Packers give up a lot of yards and over 20 points per game, but they are a solid fantasy defense because they force a lot of turnovers. Green Bay leads the league in interceptions and touchdowns off picks. The Packers play the Chiefs this Sunday, which should be another good game for the Packers D. Projected fantasy points: 19.2.

3. Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons kept Cam Newton under control in their 31-23 win last Sunday. The Falcons give up around 20 points per game, and have done a good job of keeping their offense in the game this season. The Falcons play the Jaguars, who have trouble scoring, this Sunday. Projected fantasy points: 19.1.

4. Tennessee Titans: The Titans held the Saints to just 22 points in the loss. Tennessee has given up more than 20 points just twice in the past six games. The Titans play the Colts this week, so make sure the Titans D gets the starting spot. Projected fantasy points: 17.1.

5. Seattle Seahawks: Seattle has played very well the past five weeks, winning four of five. The Seahawks play the Bears this week in Chicago. The Bears’ offense has struggled without Jay Cutler and Matt Forte. Seattle is good enough to keep the depleted Chicago offense off the field. Projected fantasy points: 17.0.

Not top 5, but could be: This week’s defense that missed the cut is that of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers defense has been great, holding opponents to fewer than 20 points, for a straight month. They play the Niners this week. San Francisco struggled in the red zone last week, and will continue to struggle against a tough Pittsburgh defense. Projected fantasy points: 16.7.

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