NFL Picks: AccuScore Dominates Competition


We’d like to think so, and our numbers speak for themselves. First, we are proud to say that we have been #1 on ESPN’s NFL Expert Picks page for 4 straight years. In our first season on ESPN we were 1 game behind the leader and 9 games ahead of #3. The leader that year never has come close to winning again.

But for most of you, picking straight winners isn’t what you’re looking for. You want to win on spreads and totals and (not our data on ESPN) is definitely the place to go for winning picks.

AccuScore’s Record
We have turned a profit picking against the spread for three straight seasons hitting nearly 55% for a +3370 profit.

NFL Picks against the spread

Despite a 2009 where we were under 50% on Totals we still have amassed a +2510 profit on Totals in the past 3 seasons:

NFL Picks Totals

Our combined ATS & Totals record for the past 3 seasons are:

NFL Picks ATS and Totals


So we aren’t perfect (a down 2009) but when you have a full season at 56% ATS & Totals you can see why we like to promote ourselves as the best in the business. But these numbers get even more impressive when you compare them to the handicappers that like to charge $50+ per pick (we charge $49 / mo for 11 leagues and all picks) and $750+ a season (we charge $299 for all leagues all year). Our colleagues at VegasInsider are nice enough to publicly document their records.

We found 13 ‘Cappers with profits over +200 out of 24. Of these 13, only 5 of them had at least a +200 profit in 2010 and only 1 of the 5 made a profit in 2009. Only 1 person comes within 1000 units of our 3 year profit figure of +5880 and no one else comes within 3000 units of AccuScore.

NFL Picks: AccuScore versus Handicappers


It’s not just our record that makes us the best. It’s what we don’t do that makes us the service you can trust. The thing you notice on most of the competitions’ websites are a plethora of links to and ads for sportsbooks. Most (closer to 99% than to 50%) in the industry actually get paid a straight fee (up to $500) per referral or receive a percentage (20% to 40%) of your losses. Most handicappers and sports pick services are incentivized by you not winning. This is why they sell guaranteed picks. If you win, you’ll probably buy another pick in the future. If you lose, the ‘capper might make more money than he would have selling the pick.

We like to make this point in our marketing and it will inevitably lead to a number of angry phone calls from our “colleagues”. They may deny directly profiting off of your losses. They may say they are providing great benefits from sportsbooks to their customers. But I have two questions for these people. First, why do companies advertise? Second, are sportsbook operators unable to do basic math?

The answer to question one is, companies advertise in order to make money. They hope that the revenue they make off of the advertisement is greater than the cost of the ad. The answer to question two is no. Sportsbook operators can definitely do basic math. So if a sportsbook is taking an ad on a site, it means they are making a profit off of the ad. They only make a profit off of an ad on a pick selling site if the people clicking on the ads are losing money at the sportsbook.

So let’s recap why we claim to be the best:

• #1 most profitable service the past 3 years
• Receive no money from sportsbooks
• By far the most economical (i.e. cheap) service
• Our service includes all 11 leagues we cover

So sign up now in time for the NFL Season