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The most popular league in the world is the English Premeier League. The Premiership is defined by its fast pace, quality of talent, and disciplined football systems. The AccuScore super computer was especially efficient with regards to Arsenal's late season decline. Early in the season 2010-11, the computer believed Chelsea's hype, but later in the season, the computer made it's money on predicting Arsenal's consistent collapses. This season, the computer's picks started off a hot analyst's streak by predicting Manchester City to beat Manchester United. The computer was also high on Demba Ba and Newcastle early on, but it should be interesting to see the change once he's off for the Africa Cup of Nations. Luis Suarez's suspension should put a strain on Liverpool. Manchester United will surely be in the title fight until the very end. Arsenal are in the mix and this season's fight for Top 4 looks to be exciting as ever with Tottenham Hotspur holding the inside edge entering the 2nd half of the season. Our expert watches a ton of football, so expect some previews from time to time, and keep an eye out for his analyst picks (revealed weekly). Barclay's Premier League is also often referred to as the Premiership, BPL, and EPL.

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