The Serie A is the most controversial betting league in Europe's big 4. With the amount of betting scandals that have resulted in recent times, the betting lines are a good way to see if a match is fixed, and make a little extra profit on soccer betting.

If a match has been fixed for a draw, it is quite easy to tell. Usually, the match will involve a Sicilian club or a relegation contender. The lines will be abnormally and noticeably showing the favourite to be the draw rather than a win by any side.

Let's assume il padrino has ordered match official to grant a draw between Siena and Atalanta. The betting lines will most likely look like this: Siena to win (2.800), Atalanta to win (3.000), Draw (1.800).

The fact that the returns for the draw return significantly lower profits than any other option points to a good old Italian betting fix. Usually, as this becomes apparent, the lines will be taken off and no more bets will be taken in. If this is the case, only the wise ones get in on the action early enough to get paid. Of course, use caution when deciding a match has been fixed, as it is not a noticeably regular occurrence, but keep your eyes open because the Serie A offers a different type of betting experience and odds than any other football league in the world.