Baseball betting lines have two simple components. There's the Money line and the Over/Under. Unlike football and basketball, baseball lines do not tend to focus on a betting spread, and baseball lines are quite simple to understand.

The Money Line
The Money line is simply the odds offered if you pick a team to win the game. So, for example:
Assume: Money Line was: Philadelphia Phillies -164; Los Angeles Dodgers - +154

The Money line above reveals that oddsmakers favor the Phillies because a 100 unit wager on the Phillies would return significantly lower profits (61 units in Profit) than a 100 unit wager on the Dodgers (154 units in profit). So, immediately, by quickly eyeballing the Money line odds, you can learn who the favorite is and how heavily they are favored.

The Over/Under refers to the total runs both teams combine for. This total usually depends heavily on pitchers and reveals whether you should expect a low-scoring pitchers' duel or a high-scoring run-fest.
For example: Assuming: Yankees versus Red Sox: Over/Under 11
This tells you that to expect a runs, hits, and plenty of offensive firepower. If you pick the Under, and the Red Sox beat the Yankees 7-3, you would win because the teams combined for 10 runs and the Over/Under was 11.

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Below are the betting lines for Major League Baseball. This includes Money Line (game winner) and the total runs scored.