September 22, 2022 9:19 AM CDT

Northern Illinois vs Kentucky 9/24/2022 Game Forecast Preview  
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Kentucky is a heavy favorite winning 89% of simulations over Northern Illinois. Kaiya Sheron is averaging 195 passing yards and 2 TDs per simulation and La\'Vell Wright is projected for 131 rushing yards and a 70% chance of having at least 1 rushing TD. In the 11% of simulations where Northern Illinois wins, Rocky Lombardi averages 1.55 TD passes vs 0.65 interceptions, while in losses he has a ratio of 0.68 TDs to 1.03 interceptions. Harrison Waylee averages 95 rushing yards and 0.74 rushing TDs when Northern Illinois wins and 90 yards and 0.37 TDs in losses. Kentucky has a 52% chance of forcing more turnovers than they commit. Positive turnover margin helps them win 93% of the time. SPREADS / TOTALS: Current Point Spread is KY -25.5 --- Over/Under line is 52.5

'CURRENT SEASON: We advise relying on these trends after the first 3 weeks of the season.

All Games1/1/2000All Games2-0-0Kentucky
Road & Neutral Field1-0-0Home Games1-0-0No Edge
When Underdog1-0-0When Favored1-0-0No Edge
Non-Conference Opp1/1/2000Non-Conference Opp1-0-0Kentucky
Opp .500+ Record0-1-0Opp Under .5000-0-0No Edge

LAST SEASON: We advise factoring for these trends for the first 3 to 6 weeks of the Current Season.

All Games8/5/2000All Games10/2/2000Kentucky
Road & Neutral Field5/2/2000Home Games6/1/2000Kentucky
When Underdog6/4/2000When Favored7/2/2000Kentucky
Non-Conference Opp2/2/2000Non-Conference Opp4-0-0Kentucky
Opp .500+ Record6/2/2000Opp .500+ Record5/1/2000Kentucky


Northern IllinoisO-U-P RECORDKentuckyO-U-P RECORDO-U EDGE
All Totals (O-U-P)2-0-0All Totals (O-U-P)0-2-0No Edge
On Road1-0-0At Home0-1-0No Edge
All Totals Last Season7/6/2000All Totals Last Season8/4/2000OVER
On Road Last Season4/3/2000At Home Last Season5/2/2000OVER

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