• New England Patriots Favorites to Win: Super Bowl 53 Preview

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    New England Patriots Favorites to Win Super Bowl

    The New England Patriots have been here before.

    Bill Belichick has been here before, as has Tom Brady. Jared Goff and Sean McVay are the future of the NFL, but the first shot doesn’t always strike the target. AccuScore simulated the Super Bowl 10,000 times to see which team would come out on top, and the New England Patriots won 56.9 percent of simulations, with the Rams still coming out on top 43.1 percent of the time.

    Super Bowl 53 Predictions

    This is projected to be a close game, with the Patriots listed as clear favorites, even if EA Sports' Madden video game had the Rams winning by three.

    Vegas agrees for the most part that the Patriots are favorites, with the spread currently at -2.5 points. The total points line is 56.0 points.

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