AccuScore's sports betting system is built on using the latest college football betting lines to identify the best games each week. The system is proven and it helps you save time managing all the games each week while betting on college football.

About the Lines

Betting lines provide bits of clues prior to a game and there are pieces of knowledge a sports investor can take away from them. They act very similarly to those in pro football except with the higher number of teams playing each week (over 120 FBS teams to-date) there are more games each week, and thus far more lines available to bet on.

College football spreads serve as an official indicator of what the oddsmakers think of a game. The smaller the line the closer the game score should be. The larger the betting line the more likely the game is to be lopsided. While lines in the NFL tend to be relatively close no matter which two teams are playing, the variability in college football creates far larger spreads, money line favorites (or underdogs), and point totals.

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Real Example

For example, if Oklahoma were to play a team from the Sun Belt at home, the Sooners could be favored upwards of 30 to even 40 points (+30/+40). A line like this would not appear in the NFL, and thus creates interesting betting scenarios in the college game. A game between Oklahoma and Texas would have point spreads closer together. The same is true for point totals or over/unders. College feature far more creative and explosive offenses than the pro ranks, and the difference in talent between teams leads to eye-popping scoring.

Below are the betting lines for College Football. This includes the money line (game winner), point spread, and total (over/under).