Baseball's Betting Strategy: Top Trends - May 2017

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Top MLB Trends: May 2017

Understanding how to read the MLB Archives is the most important skill when it comes to strategizing for a sport like baseball that has so many games, possibly too many games. As we approach the end of May and head into the dog days of summer, AccuScore took a moment to analyze what is working with regards to moneyline and side value picks.

Side Value Trend: 122-127, 49% + 1,533 on picks when the home team is between 45% and 55% to win.

What does this trend mean? Simple: When it comes to close games, AccuScore’s Side Value picks tend to perform and turn a profit. Similarly, AccuScore’s best moneyline trend falls in a similar category:
Moneyline Picks: 136-113, 54.6% +1,177 where the home team is between 45% and 55% to win.

Again, when it comes to close games, AccuScore tends to get it right and turn a profit. In fact, AccuScore’s most profitable range is -109 to +109. On the moneyline, AccuScore is 77-62, 55% + 1175 in games where the home team has odds of -109 to +109. Likewise, AccuScore is 77-63, 55% +991 on side value when the home team has odds of -109 to +109.

Tonight's MLB Picks: There are a couple games on tonight's schedule that fall into the aforementioned category, which means these trends can apply tonight: Click Here for All of today's MLB Picks

Baseball Hot Trends - May 2017
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More May Baseball Hot Trends

Top Team Trend: Side Value
New York Yankees: 10-1, 90.9% + 1002 on all side value picks when NYY is a Vegas road underdog

Top Team Trend: Moneyline
Baltimore Orioles: 15-2, 88.2% +1117 on all moneyline picks when Vegas lists the Orioles as a road underdog.

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