We cover every FBS match-up (over 700 each season) and provide three types of college football picks – Money Line, Point Spread and Totals. On a typical week that means you will see 40 to 50 games and 120 to 150 picks.

A Sound Second Opinion
Our experienced bettors use these picks as a complement to their current college football betting system. They may have 5 reasons to like Alabama and the Over and they will then use our Betting Prediction percentage to see if it agrees with them or not. They can build confidence in their own picks or reconsider when we disagree.

Guidance and Systematic Performance
However, most people want more guidance and when there are 120 Teams and 25 to 50 percent turnover in starters year-to-year like there are in College Football you definitely want a service that factors for these changes, large and small. You will want to pay close attention to the best betting systems because our simulations in college football can be better for certain teams than for other teams.

At AccuScore we carefully track our point spread and over-under picks by a variety of key splits (time, conference, non-conference, line type, by team). By carefully tracking and presenting these College Football Betting Systems to our subscribers we help them pinpoint the best picks each week.

For example, in the 2010 NCAAF season our subscribers capitalized on a year long string of success in ACC Conference games when they went 58-37, 61% +1730 (over 170% ROI) ATS and totals. They had similar success in SEC Non-Conference games going 51-36, 59% +1140. Many of our subscribers told us that their best system was straight Totals and the results 363-311, 54% +2090 speak for themselves. The season ended on a great 62-45, 58% +1250 run and we expect to pick up where we left off in 2011.

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