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When you are betting on baseball there are a couple things to consider. First, what type of pick are you going to make. In Major League Baseball we provide 3 types of baseball picks – Money Line, Side Value and Totals.

Types of Lines
For Money Line MLB picks we take the team that wins over 50 percent of game simulations. Sometimes the simulation favorite is also the Side Value picks but oftentimes it is not. Side Value is based on an assessment of the money line odds. A team that only has a 40% chance of winning could be the Side Value pick if the payoff is strong enough (ex. +160). For Totals we do not recommend a pick if the probability of the game going over or under the line is both under 50 percent.

Easy to use PICKS
The Betting Systems in MLB are updated daily but as of early August some of the best systems for Money Line and Totals were betting on Three and Four Star picks. These have gone 787-640, 55% +2348 (over 130% ROI). The best Totals picks have been made in lower scoring games where the line is 7.5 or less. These games have hit around 55% and delivered over +2000 profit. The best Side Value picks have been when the home team is a underdog winning under 45%. Again, in some cases we pick the underdog and other the favorite, but overall we have hit on 55% of these picks for over a +1500 unit profit (over 150% ROI).

League and Division Matchups
There are also strong baseball betting systems based on League and Division matchups. Side Value picks when two AL East teams play have been hitting at over 57% for better than a +1200 profit. NL Central match-up Money Line picks are hitting at over 60% for a +1100 profit. Interleague Totals produced a record of 112-92, 55% +1080. Sign up today to capitalize on the final months and playoffs.