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AccuScore Advisor is an easy to use sports betting system that helps users find expert sports picks based on sports betting lines and spreads. We rate each game from 1 to 4 stars based on their simulations and seasonal history with our computer. A four star pick is considered the strongest pick (“lock”) and a one star pick is weak based on historical data. Subscribers can easily identify excellent opportunities using this star system.

Picks as Star Ratings

Members get access to the betting trends that determine the star ratings, so each expert pick offers a wealth of research materials. Members can also build betting systems around AccuScore’s seasonal accuracy with a specific team’s record on the betting line if they so choose.

We simulate each game 10,000 times, and gives a pregame probability of each team’s chances against the spread. For Example, if the betting line is “Patriots -3.5 over Jets”, our Patriots probability will indicate how many times over the 10,000 simulations the Patriots won by 4-points or more. The Jets probability will indicate how many times over the 10,000 simulations that the Jets were within 3-points or better to the Patriots.

All Major Sports

AccuScore’s picks applies to all the sports we cover. This includes NFL football, NBA basketball, NCAA basketball, NCAA College Football, MLB baseball, NHL Hockey and multiple different soccer leagues (see side box for Picks by Sport).

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